Win An Ipod Video From All Time Low

Thursday, September 14, 2006
Win an Ipod Video from All Time Low!
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Hey guys
Jack here - I want to fill you in on a sweet contest we're doing. HERE'S THE SKINNY:

1. Download our song "Breakout! Breakout!" over at our pureVOLUME page

2. Make a video using the song "Breakout! Breakout!" showing us how much you love ATL and why you are the nuttiest, craziest, hardcore fan ATL there is.

3. Upload the video on youTUBE

4. We will be looking at ALL the videos and we will hand select our top 5 favorites and announce them on October 13th. Then the FANS will vote on the top 5 and we will announce the official winner on October 20th. If you hail victoriously, you will receive an IPOD VIDEO with a personalized video from us!

Just a few rules:
- In order to be considered, you must include 'Alltimelow Contest' in your title
- You may only use the song "Breakout! Breakout!" in the video
- All videos must be submitted by October 12th. There is no limit to how many videos you can turn in, so whacha waitin' around for? DO IT TO IT!

You can visit our official All Time Low YouTube Page by clicking the banner below or by visiting


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