Were You At Bamboozle

Monday, May 07, 2007
Were you at Bamboozle???!!!

If so - please share your memories about them in our blog! Post pictures and tell us about who your favorite bands were or some funny stories. We wanna hear all about them!

Also, head on over to the Punk Goes Acoustic 2 myspace. They are currently streaming our acoustic version of Jasey Rae in its entirety. Head on over there and come right back here and let us know what you think!

If you guys have the time, our buddies in The Spotlight just put out a brand new record via Emerald Moon Records. Its really friggen sweet and Alex sings on a song called "Five". Go over to their myspace and check it out!!

Thats all for now - keep it classy :-)

PS - Check back here on Wednesday for a special announcement!

PPS - Make sure you pick up the new Amber Pacific record when it comes out May 22nd!

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