We made the Top 6! Help us reach Top 3!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007
We made the Top 6! Help us reach Top 3!

All Time Lowers across the nation! Lend us your ears……errm….eyes!

Read the headline – that's right! We have made the Top 6 in the Dew Circuit Breakout Contest and we need you guys now more than ever! We know we've been asking a lot from you guys lately but we're inching closer and closer every day so now we need everyone to pull it together so go VOTE and COMMENT!!!!!

We've posted a few songs up on our profile to stream, including Remembering Sunday, which a lot of you guys are always asking us to put it up on our myspace. We've also put up a video of us playing Let It Roll live from this summer on the Warped Tour! And remember that if you comment our MTV2 profile and leave your myspace url, we are picking 3 winners every day and giving them little fun prize packs (Signed goodies, posters, pins, cupcakes, rabbit skin condoms, etc)

So go out and spread the word and do whacha mama told ya—VOTE FOR ATL!!

- Alex and Jack


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