Want Tix To Let It Ride Tour For A Reduced Price

Monday, January 29, 2007
Want tix to "Let It Ride" tour for a reduced price?

Here is your chance to get tickets to our upcoming tour with HIT THE LIGHTS at face value without having to pay a rediculous service charge! Cool, right? RIGHT? RIGHT!?… ok i guess its alright.

Anyways, this is really easy! All you need to do is follow these simple steps:

1. visit http://hitthelights.ducatking.com/
2. Sign up (its free and safe)
3. BUY TICKETS **including tickets to our hometown Recher show **

Easy as pie, huh? Well I'm going to get back to my game of World Of Warcraft - some lame ass n00bs need some hord pwning.

After you guys are done with that, I want everyone to check out Me, Rian and AZN Jason's new favorite band from MD. They go by the name The Dangerous Summer. I ask that you all take a minute to check them out and add them. They are completely redick and I'm willing to bet the house over my head that you'll be hearing about them soon.


ps. were not getting enough love comments on here :( tehehe

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