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Saturday, May 26, 2007
VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! Message from Jack
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Hi its 3 AM and im really tired but i cant sleep…also i have to get up in like 7 hours to go to the studio with Alex to finish our record :)

anyways i wanted to ask you guys to vote for us on AOL Sessions Under Cover…i didn't even know we were part of this until people started posting on our myspace telling us. All you have to do is go to this site.. CLICK HERE TO VOTE!!!

i love you guys and thanks so much for knowing more about our band than we do hehe. (considering our own fans told us about us being on mtv and aol sessions..we didnt even know!…we have the best fans in the WORLDDDD)

ps.You can see the video for Coffee Shop on MTV2 Comcast On Demand. rad!

anyways the cd is coming along so well and we cant wait to share it with the world!!

Leave Love…

pps. a little birdie told me you can vote as many times as you want ;)

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