Video #1

Alex: Hey, buzznet! What up? It's Alex from All Time Low. And we are somewhere. Where are we?
[Shows Matt]
Matt: Uh we're in… South Burlington, Vermont.
[back to Alex]
Alex: Vermont people. Vermont. We had a long, long, long drive from Baltimore Maryland yesterday. And I tried to send a video then, to buzznet, but I don’t' think it worked. Uhm, I got and angry e-mail saying 'we still haven't got anything from you.' So this is try number two, and hopefully it worked. Uh, otherwise I'll get yelled at. Some more. Yeah. How you guys doing? Uh, let us know, hopefully you're coming out—Actually this is the first day of the starting line tour, that we are about to embark upon for the next… I guess 5 days…? Yeah, 5 days?

Matt: [off camera] Yeah, 5 days.

Alex: Cool. And Uh. [shows Matt holding up a sign reading '11 days'] 11 days,
Matt: It's when the record comes out.
[Back to Alex]
Alex: Our CD comes out in 11 days guys. GET. STOKED. I'm excited. Uhm. You'll be able to go like anywhere and get it this time, its' not going to be hard to find. Uhm, I think it's going to be in like, Target and Hollister.
[Matt holding a sign with a penis drawn on it] And that's a penis right there. [Back to Alex] I don't even know if we're allowed to penises on buzznet. I guess we'll find out. Uhh. That's Matt by the way for everybody who doesn't know, he's our tour manager, and he keeps us alive! Uh, the rest of the guys are in a different room. I'll give you a tour of our room right now.
This is our suite… a little 360 view… our sweet suite. Uhm and yeah. So hopefully we’ll see you tonight at the starting line show. Pick up our CD in 11 days. Uh, If we don't out sell 50 Cent and Kanye [West], we're going to become a polka band so uh, that's the— that's the deal, alright, PEACE

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