Band Basics Table

Nickname Full Name Title/Position Birthday Equipment
Alex Alexander William Gaskarth Lead Vocalist
12-14-87 acoustic guitar: Takamine Takamini, limited edition
electric guitars: Gibson SG-X's
in summer edition colors
uses Mesa Boogie 4x12 Straight Rectifier Cab with a Mesa Stiletto Head
Jack Jack Bassam Barakat Rhythm Guitarist, Vocalist 6-18-88 plays a Gibson SG's, and uses a Mesa Boogie 4x12 Standard Rectifier Straight Cab - with a Dual Rectifier Solo Head and has back up Dual Rectifier
Rian Robert Rian Dawson Drummer 12-18-87 plays SJC Custom drum kits, Zildjian Cymbals, and Remo heads
Zack Zachary Steven Merrick Bassist, Vocalist 4-21-88 plays Fender American Jazz Basses and uses Aguilar DB 750 and GS 810 amps

Crew Basics Table

Nickname Full Name Title/Position Birthday
Matt James Matthew Flyzik Tour Manager 12-5-85
Grieco John Alexander Grieco Drum Technician 5-22-89
Vinny Vincent Michael Petrocelli Merchandise 1-14-88
Evan Evan Daniel Kirkendall FOH Sound 5-5-89
Danny Daniel Martin Kurily Guitar Technician 8-24-85
Nano Mariano 'Nano' Tissera Co-Manager 7-12-88
Keith Keith Lazorchak Manager unknown
Jeff Jeff McLean Maker II Lighting Designer 5-5-81


Name Shirt Size Siblings Miscellaneous
Alex S Thomas has an alter ego named "Dwayne McGurten"
has 2 dogs: Peyton and Sebastian,
a Papilion, who is shared between him and his girlfriend Lisa
Jack S Joe, May last name is pronounced: Bear-a-cat
is Lebanese and possibly Greek Orthodox
has his both ears pierced _
Rian M Chase is the "best drummer on the net!"
Zack M Sam, Ryan is colorblind
has three tattoos along his left shoulder and chest
along with a tattoo on his back which says,
"Blessed is the man that perseveres under trial."
Matt M Danielle sang in a band called Underscore
he's obsessed with Mickey Mouse, started out selling merchandise and has been
with the boys since at least the summer of 2006
Grieco S Will, and 2 step sisters met the band through high school
Danny S Faith and Katy worked as a tech for The Rocket Summer during AP Tour 2008
will be with ATL for the 10 day summer 08 tour along with all of Warped 08
Vinny works for Glamour Kills
sold merchandise through Tourzilla and Manwhores & Opensores
during Warped, ATL and Glamour Kills shared a bus
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