Tour starts sooon!!!!

Monday, July 07, 2008
Tour starts sooon!!!!

so we've been at home for a while and I've begun to get bored. so thank god tour is coming just in time to save us! we're going to be leaving on the 10th for what we call the SHORTEST TOUR EVER tour! On the 12th, we'll be going down to Myrtle Beach, so we think you guys should plan a little vacation down to the beach that weekend where you can soak up some sun in the afternoon and then hit the clubs with ATL that night ;-) sounds good, eh??

Anyways, our Rams Head shows are pretty much almost sold out. Our first night has about 100 tickets left so if you're even thinking about going, we suggest you get a ticket because by the end of this week they will ALL BE GONE. Make sure you pick those up. EDIT: BOTH RAMS HEAD SHOWS ARE OFFICIALLY SOLD OUT

Some new cds come out this week. Make sure you pick up the new record from HIT THE LIGHTS and THE MAINE because they are some real sweet dudes with some even sweeter jams.

Thats about it from us. Make sure you guys make it out to our shows next week because they're gonna be siiiiiiick.

Love always

12:40 PM

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