Tomorrow nights show in Kentucky has been cancelled

Monday, January 21, 2008
Tomorrow nights show in Kentucky has been cancelled

hey guys,
unfortunately, due to the snowy conditions we have to cancel tomorrows show at Uncle Pleasants. We're very bummed out, but we feel that its appropriate to have a show in these conditions. We are in Wisconsin and its snowing like crazy and it won't stop until 2 am, which means the roads are only going to get worse. We don't want to put us, the other bands, or anyone at risk in order to come out. We're very sorry for having to do this but safety has to come first. We nearly flipped our van on the way to Grand Rapids and ended up doing 2 360's on the highway, where our Van collided with our trailor, so this is a unanimous decision that we need to play things safe. We'll post the information on how to obtain your refund once its been passed along to us.

Tonight's show and all our other tour dates are still scheduled to go on as planned
.Also we will be back to Kentucky on the AP Tour this Spring so don't frown…Eat a clown!


6:08 PM

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