To Our Fans

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
To our FANS!
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We just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to
everyone who has gone out and purchased our cd in some
way or form, either by going into your local record
store or downloading it on iTunes. We are now
approaching 11,000 records sold and the momentum
doesn't seem to want to stop. This has already
exceeded our expectations for this record and its all
thanks to you! We've gotten so pumped about this and
we don't think there should be a reason for it to
stop. CD sales are really important to bands for
thousands of reasons. They help us get on bigger tours
and support your alls and our favorite bands. For all
of you who post comments and talks to us on IM and say
"Why don't you guys come to my town!?", the best way
to contribute to the cause is by buying our CD. When
our tours get booked, we see where can we do the best
possible shows (ie more people) and what a lot of it
is based on is how many CDs have we sold in that
specific area. If it reflects well, venues will be
more inclined to book us a show in your town!

If you haven't yet, please pick up our CD at your
local Best Buy, Tower Records, FYE, or any local
record store. If you're strapped for cash, you can
download the EP on iTunes for $4.95!!!!!.
That's 7 songs for less than $5. So we ask you to
please keep supporting us because we love being on the
road and seeing all your beautiful faces night after


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