Time For Some Plugs

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Time for some plugs!

hey everyone - a lot of stuff has been going on with our friends so check this out and be informed!

1. The Take Action Tour is well underway! You guys should most definitely stop by and check it out. We are also featured on the Take Action Compilation, which dropped yesterday. You can pick it up by clicking here!


2. Our bro's in Kaddisfly just released their first ever full length called Set Sail the Prairie. Def for fans of The Mars Volta. Pick it up by clicking here!

3. Our boys in the band DRIVING EAST start their East Coast Tour today so please go check them out and share some ATL love with our boys.

4. Tickets for our NJ and NYC show are up for sale - click away!

5. Our friends from TX called Otenki are in a contest with Substream Magazine. Help them out by voting for them HERE

6. If you are in need of some friends, please add our homies in The Morning Light, The Dangerous Summer, and The Less

Much love!

4:52 AM

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