The Shortest Tour Ever

The Shortest Tour Ever?
07/15/08 | by harfordsound

Back on the road again, but this time it’s only for 11 days. Im out with All Time Low on what is now being called the “Shortest Tour Ever.” We’ll be hitting a bunch of cities all over the east coast. This time, we are also heading out with an amazing lighting engineer named Ben. He’s bringing the show to life with a pretty amazing light show.

The first show of the tour was a pretty smooth one. The Lincoln Theatre in North Carolina- a smaller venue with a cool vibe. This room was smaller then a lot of the AP Tour venues, but it wasnt too bad. 800 capacity, and a balcony. The PA consisted of a dieing Yamaha M3000 at FOH, 4 EAW KF850e’s and 4 EAW SB850e’s. A nice little PA for a nice little room. When I first fired the PA up I noticed that things were very out of balance. Way to much high, not enough mid, and too much low mids. I had to pull 160-250hz about 10dB to even things out.

The show itself went pretty smoothly. No major errors, except Danny tripping on the power cable for the lighting and unplugging it a few times. Other then that, the show went very smooth. Sadly, I forgot my camera and was unable to take pictures at this show.

Greensboro, NC: The Green Street Cafe: Another small venue. 600 cap, a tiny stage and a PA not up to the task at hand. I had an ancient Tac console at FOH, and a mix of Community and Electro-Voice mains. Bass was provided by a pair of JBL SRX728’s. Sound check was pretty rough, and I was hoping the show would be better. Once 600 kids piled into the room, things did tighten up a bit, but the PA still sucked. I was solid into limit the whole time. The horns ran out of gas first, followed by everything else. It was worse then the night before.

But, all in all, everyone still had a good time, and the venue even gave us a DVD of the night.


Myrtle Beach, House of Blues: Wow. You dont realize how much you miss quality PA and staff until you go 2 shows without it. Another KF850 rig today, but at least this one sounds good. 8 EAW SB1000z’s under the stage and a Midas H2000 out front. Talk about a good PA. Sound check was a breeze, and I got a good mix up and running very quick. I love House Of Blues shows. They are just so easy. Great staff, great PA and they treat you right. Since presales were a little low, they closed off the balcony so the bottom would be full. We had a solid 1000 kids show up and it was a great show. You just cant beat HOB shows.

Everything was going great until the final song of the set. Alex’s guitar went silent right as they went to start Dear Maria. Hmm… What could be wrong… Bad wireless? Nope. Bad cable? Nope. Bad guitar? Nope! Crap. What’s going on… While Matt and Danny are trying to troubleshoot, Alex has to keep the crowd entertained. 5 minutes passes, still nothing. They decide to play a song without Alex on guitar to kill some time. Another 5 minutes pass and still nothing. They decided to play Dear Maria acoustic to end the night. After the show, we looked at Alex’s head, and sure enough, it stinked like burning electronics. Yep. The head’s dead. Luckily we have a spare head and will be able to do the rest of the shows while Alex’s head is off being fixed.


Oh and an extra bonus: Matt has spelled my name wrong in the tour book 2 times in a row now. During the AP Tour he spelled my name as “Evan Kirkland” and now during this tour, it’s “Eva Kirkendall.” So, just for fun, Matt left me this at FOH:


Back to the world of Rock and Roll….

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