2 CDs You Need To Get: Take Action Comp and The Morning Light

Tuesday, March 04, 2008
2 CDs You Need To Get: Take Action Comp and The Morning Light

Hey everyone,
We just got back from Australia and needless to say, we are pooped. But we just wanted to let you know about 2 releases that we want you to check out because they're both hotttt.

As you guys know, our label puts out the annual Take Action Tour compilation, which includes songs from Chiodos, From First to Last, Cute Is What We Aim For, Valencia, and yours truly. The compilation will benefit the non-profit organization "Do Something", a group that gives young people the opportunity to help change the world. This CD is available at Target for $5.99. We contributed our song "Dear Maria"and our video for "Six Feet Under The Stars" comes with the CD. Go support a good cause.

Secondly, some of our best friends in the band The Morning Light just put out their EP and it hits stores today and we want to every one to go help this band and pick it up. Its a solid EP with great songs and its only $4 on iTunes. They are some of the hardest working guys and write some of the catchiest jingles, and we give the ATL seal of approval. Make sure you add them, comment them, pick up their EP, and let them know we say what's up ;-)

Stay classy,

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