Stream Our New Record!!! Make Out!!!!

Friday, September 21, 2007
Stream Our New Record!!! Make Out!!!!
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Hello Out Dur!

Incase you lovelies haven't noticed..our whole NEW album is up for streaming on here :) Make sure you listen to it all a hundred times…unless you dont like it. Then you have to listen to it 2 million times, muhahahaha. Im so devious! The record drops on tuesday, so you have to go buy it at your local Target, Best Buy, Walmart, Borders, Hollister…and everywhere else that sells records! If you dont buy our cd, were going to come to your houses and eat all your snacks…then flood your room with jello (the gross lime green kind). Lets make out!

Yours until i get married and move to Guam,

Jack Attack

ps. im not really listening to our cd…or am i? No.Yes.

Currently listening :
So Wrong, It’s Right
By All Time Low
Release date: 25 September, 2007

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