Show Cancellations News And A Video Blink Cover With Htl

Monday, November 06, 2006
Show cancellations, news, and a video BLINK cover with HTL!

Hey errybuddy,
So unfortunately we are going to bring some bad news into your day. We were recently scheduled to play in NY in November and NJ in December. We had to cancel these shows - crappy, we know. BUT WAIT! WE HAVE A GOOD REASON - WE SWEAR! We will be hitting the road for a few days in December and WE WILL be returning to these areas so for those of you who were worried, please don't fret!

You're probably asking yourself "Hmm… who could they possibly be going on tour with?" Well… we can't really say right now, but we can say that if you see us make sure you kiss us goodbye honey because we're gonna make it out alive ;-)

for those of you who caught our show in Rialto, CA you guys got a special treat of watching us cover our favorite band in the world with our favorite buddies in the nation. Here is a video of us covering "Dammit" by Blink-182 with our chums in Hit The Lights :-)

Viva la revolucion!

12:37 PM

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