Shortest Tour Ever Day 4 6

Shortest Tour Ever: Day 4-6
07/17/08 | by harfordsound

Another day, another dollar.

7/14/08: Tennessee- Rocket Town.

This was a rather unique venue compared to most. The combined a skate park, restaurant, and 2 venues all into 1 venue. This place is a completely non-profit complex, and all the money goes into the building and Community. I walked around and explored most of the venue throughout the day. It seemed like a great place for kids to have a good time and skate. Though, I also got a good laugh watching all the 14 year old kids attempt to act like Tony Hawk in the skate park. They would attempt some random trick, and end up sliding down the ramp on their back… It was awesome.

Caution: Sound Nerd stuff-


It seems EAW KF850’s have become the standard rock and roll club install box these days. Sound companies are ditching them left and right because they are big, heavy, old cabs. Not to mention most guys are following the line array route these days. But, the good news is, that makes these boxes very affordable for clubs across the country. No one wants to haul them around anymore, so clubs can pick them up for a pretty good price. That gives the club a pretty affordable, good sounding, loud speaker system. 90% of the venues on this short tour have all had the KF850’s. It’s amazing though how one night they can sound amazing, while the next night they just suck out loud. I find that the venues where they suck all have come up with their own “presets” for the speakers, and while it may sound good to the half deaf house sound guy, they just end up sounding horrible for the common mixer person. I notice 2 things with these boxes when they are setup wrong: They need a huge cut around 160-250hz or, they need a huge cut around 2-4k. I believe mot of these issues could be solved by simply turning one of the band passes on the cabs. But oh well, what are you going to do?

Anyway, back to the show…

I fired up the rig at Rocket Town to find an extreme lack of anything below 100hz. And I mean an EXTREME lack of ANYTHING. I asked the house guy if the subs were even on, and to my surprise, they were in fact on. I walked up to the subs, and they were in fact making noise. Normally, I wont say anything to the house guy, but this was just too unbearable. I had him turn the mains down by 12dB, and that seemed to do the trick. Everything was a lot more balanced sounding. Though, the W-Bin style subs were not the greatest sounding. They didnt have a lot of impact and were really boomy. But, with some EQ, they ended up sounding good enough. At least the mains sounded pretty good.

Sound check ran pretty smoothly. So, it was off to the bus to take a quick nap before the show. Come time for ATL’s set, a solid 1100 kids had packed into the venue and things were sounding very good. ATL’s set went very smoothly, and the night was issue free. Another great set from ATL.


7/15/08: Cleveland: Peabody’s-

Wow, talk about a small, crappy venue. The say it’s a 700 cap venue, but it looks more like 400 to me. Any lack of real lighting in the venue made load in and setup pretty fun too… Come show time, it was PACKED. It was hot hot hot, and the kids were packed in. First song kicks in and Im into the red. Yep, it’s going to be one of “those” nights. I was in solid red the whole set just trying to get on top of the crowd. The little mains were not loving it, nor were the subs. The low amp thermalled about 4 times during their set as well. It was not a fun night. I left my camera on the bus, so you dont get any pictures.

7/16/08- Detroit: St. Andrew’s Hall-

We hit this venue on the AP Tour back in April, so I already knew what to expect here. When the AP tour came through, half the PA was not in working form. Subs were blown, and a few horns were out on the mains. 3 months later, it’s no better. Normally you walk into a room and see 8 KF850’s and 12 SB1000e’s and think to yourself “SWEET!” Not the case with this system. 4 of the 12 subs dont work at all, and a few more rattle and sound like they are on death row. It also sounds like 2 of the horns are dead and possible a mid driver…

Anyway, sound check rolls smooth enough. The venue has absolutely no Air Conditioning, and once 800 kids pack into this club, it becomes quite the oven in the main room. Come time for our set, I’d say the ambient temperature in the room was hovering around 100 degrees, with 80% humidity. Not fun at all. I was breaking a sweat just standing at FOH. I felt sorry for Danny and the band on stage. It must have been even more miserable on stage with all the lights. The humidity was doing wonders for the already bad sounding PA too. It was killing the highs and making a muddy mess of everything. I ended up going for a slightly brighter mix just so people could understand everything. It wasnt the best show, but I made it through the show, and I think the PA did.

Load out was another story. About 20 minutes into load out, the skies opened up and it started pouring down rain. So, all the gear and the crew got soaked during load out. Alex on the other hand, along with a few other band members used the time wisely, and took a “Shower” out in the rain.


PS- You can thank our light guy Ben for the amazing lights.

Back to the world of Rock and Roll….

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