Rockstar Underground


Gonca: Hey what’s up? This is Gonca from rockstar underground. I’m here with All Time Low

Alex: Yo

Gonca: At the stone pony in Asbury park. So we’re gonna start out with the number, what the age game?

Jack: This is episode 6

Gonca: Yeah episode 6, thatnks a lot, I totally forgot. Ok so we’re gonna play this game and they’re gonna guess how old I am and I’m going to guess how old they are. You guys go first.

Alex: I’m gonna say twenty…three?

Jack: Yes, definitely, definitely 23

Gonca: You think I’m 23?!? Do I LOOK 23?

Alex: You have, you have the youthful like, texture to your face.

Gonca: I usually get nineteen…

Jack: Polka dots, I haven’t seen those since the late 80’s

Alex: Yeah, it’s a tell-tale sign.

Gonca: What? I usually get nineteen, twenty.

Alex: You’re all kinds of polka dots today,

Gonca: I was trying to match!

Alex: so it’s very 80’s, so I would think that you were probably born in the late 80’s

Gonca: I was a big fan of Madonna. I was a big Madonna fan.

Alex: How old are you, really?

Gonca: I’m gonna be 25. 25, so I’m going to have a quarter life crisis.

Alex: Pretty Close, pretty close.

Gonca: You were close. Alright, I think you guys are- I heard you graduated high school, but I would, um, if I listened to your music I would probably think you’re in your 20’s, but I’m gonna say ‘cause you JUST graduated high school that you’re 18 or 19.

Jack: Well I was in high school for a long time, so I’m gonna be 27 in june.

Alex: Haha, no, we’re, no I’m 19 he’s 18. um, we’re both, we’re all 18, 19.

Jack: Yeah

Gonca: This is Alex, and this is…

Alex: Howdy

Gonca: Jack

Jack: Jack

Gonca: I new that. I knew that.

Alex: It’s alright.

Gonca: This is the singer, and that’s the, hold on, guitarist?

Jack: Yeah

Alex: Yeah

Gonca: Yes!

Jack: High five.

Gonca: I always get this wrong!

Jack: High five!

Gonca: Haha, I always get this wrong, I’m excited. Alright, ok. Alright so, tell me where you guys are from.

Alex: Um, we’re from Baltimore, MD.

Gonca: Baltimore, MD, the city?

Alex: No, we’re… the ‘burbs

Jack: Straight up Baltimore city, yeah

Alex: Straight outta the, the- No,

Jack: No

Alex: just kidding.

Gonca: The suburbs? There’s a suburbs of Baltimore? Or…

Alex: Yeah, like Baltimore county

Gonca: Oh, ok. Ok, I’ve been to Baltimore, I did a poetry reading there

Alex: Oh really?

Gonca: Yeah

Alex: What kind?

Gonca: I’m a published poet

Alex: Really?

Gonca: Yeah

Alex: That’s rad!

Gonca: thanks

Jack: Edgar allen poe, baby! Yeah!

Alex: But enough about you, let’s talk about

Gonca: Yeah, haha, I was gonna, I was gonna say that. Um, alright, so tell me how, tell, give me a little synopsis of your musical journey.

Alex: Wow. Um.

Gonca: A quick synopsis.

Alex: Ok , um well we started in… our freshman year of high school, um things kind of escalated quickly for us. If you could point the camera that way just real fast, just to- yeah, walk away jackasses, walk away.

Gonca: So all three of you are friends.

Alex: Yeah, we, us three went to the same high school, um that’s how we all met. We all knew we played, like these instruments and stuff, so yeah, and we started jamming together and we needed a bass player, and we met Zack through a friend of Jack’s. and he fit.

Gonca: So you saw this dvd of blink 182

Alex: Yeah, and that totally got me into the-

Jack: Well I showed him waterworld and the blink dvd and he wanted to do like a mix of both

Alex: He said, he said, either you can be a mutant from the future with gills behind your ears OR you can do the band thing. And I went with the band thing, just ‘cause the planet been submerged underwater

Gonca: Right

Alex: yet

Gonca: So, you’re fourteen and you, you knew that, that this is what you wanted to do.

Alex: Basically.

Gonca: For the rest of your life, or just a hobby?

Alex: No, it started out, we were just kind of… playing in, our, you know, our practice space and whatever, and um, like I was saying people started taking it more and more seriously as we also did. Um, and eventually it just kind of

Gonca: And you realized you were good?

Alex:I mean, I guess, people kept coming out to shows, more and more people, and you know, we were getting different show offers and whatnot and uh, you know, by the time, by the time we were leaving high school we had toured around. Like we, we had toured with some friends um all up and down the east coast a little bit on our spring break and summer vacation, stuff like that. And uh, so by the time we were you know, in our senior year of high school, we actually had like a really big buzz around our band um, we had made a record independently on an east coast label

Gonca: And how long ago was this?

Alex: This was…

Jack: Last summer

Alex: Yeah, yo

Jack: Last summer we did our first tour

Alex: Yeah. What? No, no that’s not true. We’d been touring for a while. We did our first like little tour, which was like a week long, or whatever

Jack: In an xterra

Alex: In an xterra in like tenth grade, it was pretty rad. Um, but yeah, like last, last summer was our like first official tour.

Gonca: Was that when you were on, when did you get signed to Hopeless?

Alex: We signed to hopeless at the end of our senior year. So last year.

Gonca: So you guys are on hopeless now and you decided to put out an EP instead of a first full length?

Alex: Yeah, um, hopeless suggested that as a, because we already had a full CD when we signed and they liked the songs a lot, so um, you know, they thought, why not just rerelease them on a bigger scale? And um, we didn’t want to sell any of our current listeners short, so we threw on a couple new songs, too, and uh we made a slightly longer EP, so it’s got seven songs on it and um

Gonca: And you, do you KNOW when you’re gonna put out a full length? Or…

Alex: Yes

Gonca: ‘cause you know people are waiting for it?

Alex: Yes actually we’re um, we’re at home right now, like this is just a night stint with Cobra for us but then we’re going back home, where we’ve been working on new songs and uh, we’re recording with squire in april, Matt

Gonca: Matt squire?

Alex: Squire, yeah.

Gonca: Good

Alex: We’ll be out next summer

Gonca: Now, are you excited to work with Matt?

Alex: Oh absolutely, Matt’s the man

Gonca: Yeah, he’s, he’s pretty awesome, I like Matt. Are you touching yourself?

Alex: No, his phone’s ringing.

Gonca: Ok

Alex: God Jack, that’s rude.

Jack: Just let it go, just

Alex: Oho, Whoa whoa

Jack: Just let it go

Alex: That’s not your phone ringing.

Jack: Yeah, so uh that’s what’s going down.

Gonca: Dis- Disclaimer: Jack is looking for his phone, he’s not molesting Alex

Alex: He’s not…

Gonca: No he’s just searching for his phone.

Alex: That being said, he IS sitting on my lap

Gonca: Yeah, yeah I see

Alex: It’s pretty sweet.

Gonca: I see you guys have a close relationship

Alex: I care about this boy.

Jack: We’re brothers. [Alex kisses Jack’s cheek]

Gonca: Well you guys are on tour all the time

Alex: Yeah, you’re not

Gonca: It’s not like you’re even at home right now

Alex: Yeah, I feel bad for my car. I think it’s been hanging out with walls

Gonca: What kind of car do you have?

Alex: Uh, an Audi.

Gonca: An aww-dee?

Alex: Ow-dee

Gonca: aww-dee

Alex: Ow-dee

Gonca: aww-dee?

Alex: Ow-dee

Gonca: Audi. Wait how do you have one of

Jack: AUDI

Alex: I, I stole it.

Gonca: What year is it?

Alex: It’s Uh, Stolen. Stolen in 2006

Gonca: Well that car, no those are, those are fairly uh, mid-priced cars, so I drive a sentra.

Alex: What are you saying?

Gonca: I’m just asking like,

Jack: Do you like the sentra, I really like those

Alex: Do you know who we are? We roll with fucking diddy and shit

Jack: I drive my mom’s ’96 honda civic, yeah

Alex: Shit! we have a lot of money, like just because we’re

Jack: No I really like sentras, I wanna buy one

Gonca: I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t get a sentra though. It’s, it’s, it doesn’t GO fast! I like speed.

Alex: I like to go fast.

Jack: I wanna go fast! I wanna go fast! What movie, what movie?

[Alex snaps, they both point]

Gonca: Oh no, I don’t know!

Jack: Ohhhh you’re on camera! C’mon!

Alex: Ohh!

Alex and Jack: Onnnnnn camera!

Gonca: I don’t know! I don’t know! Why are you putting me on the spot?

Alex: Talladega nights.

Gonca: What is it?

Jack: Talladega nights.

Alex: C’mon

Gonca: I, no

Alex: Will Ferrell? Racecars?

Gonca: Was, did that go straight to dvd? Because I don’t

Jack: Wow. Wow.

Alex: THIS is going straight to dvd. That movie was classy.

Gonca: Ok, I’m sorry, let’s have it- have YOU heard of this movie?

Rian: I saw it in theaters

Gonca: Have YOU heard of it this movie?

Cameraman: Seen it in theaters.

Alex: Oh.

Jack: Ouch.

Gonca: Oh, alright.

Jack: Denied! Talk to the hand.

Alex: Sorry sister.

Gonca: I’m, I’m uh, obviously not cool ‘cause I don’t know what movie they’re talking about.
Every time I look at you you’re eating something

Alex: FAT ASS!

Nano: Apple

Gonca: That’s Nano, their friend.

Jack: Nanoooo

Alex: He sells merch for us on tour

Gonca: He’s their merch guy

Alex: He’s also our

Gonca: What’s it like to be the merch guy?

Jack: He’s 50% of our management

Nano: It’s not very fun ‘cause

Alex: And a 100% MAN, yeah.

Jack: What?

Nano: I dunno, Merch is alright, get to meet all the kids

Gonca: You like the hot girls? You get meet a lot of hot girls

Nano: They’re like do you know Alex and I’m like no.


Gonca: I, I take it you guys,, you’re headline says, like a party in your pants, so I take it this whole thing has been a party for you?

Alex: Yeah uh

Gonca: You’re having fun?

Alex: Of course.

Jack: And it’s all happening in MY pants

Gonca: Ladies love you?

Alex: Yeah

Gonca: Are you single?

Alex: Guys too and

Jack: We’re both single, actually

Gonca: Are you?

Jack: Yeah

Gonca: How do you feel about older women?

Jack: Uh pretty good

Alex: Uh strongly

Jack: How do you feel about younger men, you know?

Gonca: I only date younger men, actually

Alex: Hey!

Jack: Alright, let’s get a room, also, you can come [points to camera]

Alex: Yeah, yeah, just bring the camera

Gonca: I only, I only date younger men and it’s not intentional, it’s just I’m

Alex: We’re not interested in dating

Jack: How old is Anthony?

Gonca: He’s younger than me.

Jack: Awesome

Alex: Ohhhhh shit

Jack: Oh, bring him into this, we can bring as many people as we want

Alex: Cradle, cradle robbing, that’s what’s going on

Gonca: i… I like to be in control.

Jack: I like to be taken control over

Alex: This is really working out for you guys

Gonca: I wanna ask you about my favorite song and coffee shop soundtrack

Alex: That’s you favorite song?

Gonca: So far!

Alex: Like ever or just

Gonca: I haven’t heard the whole thing, but like

Alex: Like ever, or just like what we did

Gonca: Oh, um sorry, it’s not my favorite song EVER, but I will tell you

Jack: This interview is over!

Alex: Cut

Gonca: I will tell you, something corporate’s Konstantine

Jack: YEAH [Jack leans WAY forward with classic Jack face] I LOVE ANDREW MCMAHON, he is

Gonca: I listen to that cd every day, 2 three times a day

Alex: Andrew if you’re watching

Jack: Andrew if you’re watching, I wanna do you

Gonca: but I will tell you, coffee shop soundtrack does, I woke up the other day and it was stuck in my head

that’s awesome

Gonca: right out of bed and I was singing the chorus #[Jack and Alex high five] navy|and I’m like- cut to live performance of the song at the chorus- I just, I wanna know who or what inspired that song
[Alex laughs ]

Gonca: and where’d the title come from?

Alex: Uh, without giving too much away

Gonca: You don’t have to tell us the

Alex: ‘cause it’s sort of naughty

Gonca: Is it a mystery, or

Alex: Scandalous

Gonca: It’s a scandalous song

Alex: Some people could get in trouble if they knew

Gonca: Really?

Alex: If , if … yeah. It’s pretty

Gonca: Did you take somebody’s virginity or anything?

Alex: No, I, I uh, I for real. Um it’s about…uh kind of stowing away with- it’s like a situation where a person already HAS another individual in their life and you’re kind of, the song is about those like kind of secret meetings that you would go and have with this person, like

Gonca: Oh, ok

Alex: in coffee shops

Gonca: oh alright

Alex: and

Gonca: so is it

Alex: really out of the way

Gonca: a love song at all?

Alex: Yeah, yeah, yeah, definitely

Gonca: Alright so, obviously a girl, a female, I’m guessing

Alex: That’s quite an assumption

Jack: Animal, animal

Alex: Yeah, more like. No, um yeah, it is about a girl. She’s a sweetheart.

Gonca: Ok, I, I like the song a lot. Are you still with her?

Alex: No, no, I can’t be.

Gonca: Does that make you sad?

Alex: What?

Gonca: Does that make you sad?

Jack: It’s Romeo and, Romeo and Juliet style, you know

Alex: Sort of, except

Gonca: Oh, oh really? Wait, so why can’t you be with her?

Jack: Because, he’s a Capulet, obviously, and she’s a Montague

Alex: I’m not, I’m not even gonna go there, honestly, it’s, it’s

Gonca: Is it emotional?

Alex: No. it’s just, like

Gonca: Complicated?

Alex: She was married.

Gonca: Okay.

Alex: Yeah.

Gonca: You were- How old was she?

Alex: Yeah. Huh?

Gonca: How old was she?

Alex: Your age, I guess?

Gonca: I don’t even know if he’s telling me the truth right now!

Alex: No I, I really am. This, this is

Gonca: Ok, so you had a love affair

Alex: I’m just trying to pick apart what I can say and what I can’r

Gonca: Ok, so you had an affair with a married woman?

Alex: I, I did.

Gonca: Congratulations. You are

[Gonca shakes Alex’s hand]

Alex: I was very -I’m a terrible person, I know

Gonca: You are- Alex

Jack: You’ve just been kicked in the nuts!

Alex: Scared as shit. You are the first to know this.

Gonca: I… rockstar underground. That’s what it’s all about

Alex: Believe it!

Gonca: Thank you, thank you Alex.

Alex: Of course. Only, only for you guys.

Gonca: For sharing that. You just got me like 5000 words, there.

Alex: You know what you might be right because we are pretty popular guys.

Gonca: I hear you, I hear

Jack: Not the band, just me and Alex.

Alex: not the band, just me and Jack

Gonca: So you’re

Jack: Alex and I if

Gonca: Before we wrap it up, my last question

Alex: Oh, n-n-no, we’re not done. n-n-n-no, I wanna go forever!

Gonca: Oh do you?

Alex: I thought we could stay here all day, I don’t care.

Gonca: I dunno if I wanna stay here all day, to tell you the truth! No,

Alex: I don’t even wanna play the show anymore, I just wanna hang out with you.

Jack: yeah

Gonca: Me?

Alex: Yeah.

Gonca: That’s so sweet, you’re so charming.

Alex: You, you! [Alex gestures]

Gonca: That’s charming! I hope Anthony never sees this interview.This is All Time Low currently my new favorite band, but I’m a woman and I’m fickle. But

Jack: Does that mean poop?

Alex: No, that’s fecal.

Jack: Oh

Gonca: No that means I’ll probably change my mind once I see you guys play tonight

Jack: Yes

Gonca: Yeah I, I might. I dunno, we’ll see. Um,

Alex: She’s sexy

Gonca: Yeah, I am.

Alex: Um, thank you! [Alex gives gonca a hug]

Gonca: Thank you! Do you guys wanna add anything?

Alex: Um,

Gonca: What are you doing?

Alex: I, I think he was trying to, he had his breast goggles on, it was just .

Jack: I am concrete boy.

[Alex claps]

Jack: I build and paint streets across the US

Gonca: They’re not real, they’re not real

Jack: Neither are mine.

Gonca: All time low, thanks a lot guys.

Alex: Um thank you for checking us out, we love you very very much. Um, check out our music, come see us at a show, hang out, and uh, [Alex blows the camera a kiss] bye

Jack: Booyakasha!

Alex: Booyakasha! Totally, totally.

Gonca: That’s good thank you.

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