Recher Show Is Sold Out

Tuesday, December 26, 2006
Recher show is sold out

Hey everyone,
Our show on Thursday at the Recher Theatre is officially SOLD OUT! For those of you who did not get tickets in time, its not over yet! You have 2 options:

A. They may releaase more tickets the day of the show for purchase at the venue so show up early and try your chances. A lot of times people leave throughout the show, so if you show up a bit later there might be some more tickets available.

B. We are playing in Northern Virginia on the Saturday the 30th, which is only about an hour away. So if you are unable to make it out on Thursday, swing by our show on Dec 30th!

This is the first time we've gone into a Recher show with it being sold out - thanks so much everyone!

Happy Holidays!

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