Recent Late Night Musings Part Two

Monday, March 31, 2008
Recent late night musings; part two.

Everyone knows the story of the rock-star and his punk-rock princess. Everyone knows that the rock-star finds himself a new princess in every kingdom he visits. Its common knowledge. There is no happy ending for the princess. There are just too many fair maidens out there. Band dudes are no good, I’ve learned this from experience, and I’m pretty sure your mothers would tell you the same. I’ve lived it. I’ve witnessed it. I’m beginning to grow a little bit sick of it, and yet, I completely understand why it happens. I’m going to post this piece of writing as a cryptic message to those of you who don’t quite understand why a person could bring themselves to act in such a manner, but its my hope and intention that you come to realize just why it all goes down the way it does, and why it continues to happen. We don’t mean to be as shady as we may seem, ladies, but its so damn hard to hold on to a heart back home, when there’s so much in between. Consider that you may be part of the problem. Don’t throw yourself at someone because of who you think they are… Throw yourself at someone because you know you’re both in it for the memories.

Temptation is a bitch for everyone.

Here’s my bitter and cynical analysis regarding the dogmas of band guys and their "relations" with girls they meet on tour. Hope you enjoy it in all of its brutal honesty.
(Note: This doesn’t pertain to all people, nor instances. Its merely my commentary on an observation I’ve made over time. I’m not calling anyone out, nor am I saying that this pertains to myself. Its simply an undeniable truth that lingers, and has lingered since a minstrel first strummed a lyre. Tragic, but true. C’est la vie. However, hope arises in the individual’s ability to change, so don’t let it bum you out too much.)

It isn’t that he’s using you,
its that tomorrow you won’t exist,
until the next time he comes full circle
to a city near you,
billboards flashing - posters posted,
sickeningly honest,
brutally blunt,
but refreshing, all the same.
A familiar face,
Guest-list plus one,
bring a friend and let the auction begin,
Welcome to the lions den.
Just think,
if nothing were to transpire,
you’ll both go on wondering what it could have been like,
to hold your very own ammunition,
and for a night,
fire rounds at the stars,
with no fear of restless retaliation.
Simple redemption,
Sweet, lust-less, redemption,
because you’ve been through it all before,
you know what to expect,
so does he,
there are no lines left to cross,
no buttons previously left buttoned,
so a simple kiss won’t hurt anybody, will it?
After all,
he lives to revisit familiar lips,
unbridled affection,
and you show up,
Again, and again, and again,
fuel to the fire,
another notch on temptation’s prison wall.

When it comes down to it, what I mean is this, young guys in bands will always act like young guys in bands; brash, fickle, relentless and foolish, and girls will let themselves fall for it. The good news is, everyone grows up.


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