Put Up Or Shut Up In Stores Now

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
"Put Up or Shut Up" IN STORES NOW!
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Hear yee hear yee!!

Jack here to inform you vast traveleres of the information superhighway of something quite extraordinary. Our new EP "Put Up or Shut Up" is now officially out and available for purchase in stores everywhere. You can pick yourself up a copy at any of the following stores:

Tower Records
Hot Topics
and your local record stores!!

Please go pick up a copy today because they really help us out in more ways than you think. They help us get on tours, bigger venues, and for those of you on the other coast, they help us get to you!

If you can't find a copy of our EP at any of your local retailers, email moc.sdrocersselepoh|ofni#moc.sdrocersselepoh|ofni and let them know!

We are also having a listening party at AOL Music where you can stream our whole EP by clicking HERE. We need as many plays as possible up hurr so help a brotha out!!!


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