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ex: "Dreams don't always have to exist while the sun's down and your eyes are shut" Alex Alex's blog on Alloy
"And you were always second guessing
the way we used to be.
When it all comes down,
I hope you remember me."
Alex during an ATL/WTK mashup
video link
"We just want to play the music we love. We always make a point: we're pop-punk. Nothing more and nothing less." Zack November 2007 Alternative Press
"Free money brah, you understand this? A hundred of these makes a dollar, and you know what a dollar makes? Another beer!" Alex as Dwayne Dwayne McGurten YouTube video


Conversation Time/Location
Alex: Bonjour Buzznet! Eez me! Alex!
Jack: AND BEN!
Alex: …and Ben, from All Time Low…
Buzznet video
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