Number 4

Sunday, June 22, 2008
Number 4?

Number 4 blog on Myspace? Are you kidding me?

This was meant to be a poke back at the LJ secrets / LJ trash community, not a web-war. LJ is all about shit-talking, be it true or not. Some of the jokes were getting a little too personal, that was my only beef, so I figured I'd say something, just to make people aware that those outside of the understanding of the community rules were being affected in a negative way, and to make a point that the kids in the bands you're talking shit about, might actually be reading the bullshit you post. After all, its meant to be a joke, right? RELAX… I am.

So why is it that people post things like this in reply -

"alex constantly jokes around saying that he's an alcoholic so i don't get why he's acting like a bitch.
you signed up to be in a band.
what the fuck did you expect? everyone to love you and to respect you? s2s but that's not happening, bby."

Listen. I don't expect anyone to love or respect me, but am I really a bitch for defending my friends, when the scum-bags who talk shit on them in the first place don't even have the balls to post openly on the web about it? To quote your phenomenal web-grammar, "s2s, bby, but that's not hppning." Epic fail.

I really appreciate the love and support that most of you have all shown, and to be honest, I never meant for any of this to get so out of hand… I thought it would just be funny that someone had actually said something about it… but if its going to stir up this much drama, then I might as well say it:

Haters: FUCK YOU. Suck nine dicks.

Lovers: I will have your backs until the sun no longer shines, whether you like my band or not… If you think productively, I will support you one-hundred percent.

This no longer involves me, or any one band - this is a movement within the entire music community:

Stop hating on each-other. Music is about togetherness. You can contest it all you want, but you will be wrong. Compare me to as many vagina's as you can, but at least I had the balls to come out and say this… I guess that makes me some kind of blogging man/woman.

I love you all… Still. :)

I'm no good for anyone, like poison to the vein.

9:00 PM

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