New Tour Dates Music Video And Happenings

Friday, January 05, 2007
New tour dates, Music Video, and happenings!


Jack here with some new so you betta check yoself befo you wreck yoself - so check it!

- We posted new tour dates last night. Pretty sweet, eh? We were looking over a lot of our comments and a lot of peeps are bummed we are going to miss them this time around. DON'T BE SCURRED!!! Sometime in the near future we will be announcing more tour dates that will be taking us out west and to almost all the parts that of the country that we aren't hitting on this upcoming tour! We can't announce the dates or who were going out with quite yet, but all we can say is that you're going to want to save your breath this time around through all the space in between :-)

- I am actually writing to you all from New Jersey. We are hanging with our main man Jesse Burton (of the band PAULSON) and he will be directing our new music video for our song 'Coffee Shop Soundtrack'. We don't want to divulge details about it, but all I can say is that you can expect us wearing very feminine clothing and performing some sweet choreographed dance routines :-)

- As many of you know, we've been taking some time off to write and brainstorm for our new record. So far, we have 12 songs written and we're hoping to have 25 by the time we go into the studio. You can expect to hear some new tunes at all the upcoming shows so make sure you come out so you can be one of the first to hear!

- If you guys have a moment, please take the time to check out our boys from Atlanta, GA called The Less. This is some of the catchiest stuff we've heard in a while. Definitely for fans of the All American Rejects or The Starting Line. Scope out it, add them, and show them some ATL love!

See ya kids soon!

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