New Song/Dates

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
New song/dates!

Incase you guys haven't noticed, we just put up a new song called "Six Feet Under The Stars". You can actually download for free off of Snocap but only for this week! Along with that, we put up the rest of the dates for our tour with BOYS LIKE GIRLS! so check that out. Tickets for those gigs go on sale on Saturday.

Warped is almost over :-( If you can, try to come out to the last couple shows so we go out with a bang!!!

Also — today marks a big day for some of our friends. Our long time friends from Poughkeepsie, NY Just Surrender and our hometown boys/labelmates The Dangerous Summer both put out records today and they're both FRIGGEN GREAT!. We suggest that all of you head on over to Itunes and pick both records up because they both rule and to support hard working dudes.

Keep it real. Keep it classy. Keep it real classy :-)

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