My Hat

Tuesday, April 17, 2007
my hat :-(

hey kiddies,
last night, myself and the dudes went out for a night on the town in Baltimore to hang with our boys in Cute. Fun time!!!!

We went onstage and had ourselves a happy sing along with Shaant and we accidently found ourselves among the crowd. In the midst of all the shenanigans, someone grabbed my hat or it was knocked off, don't know which one, but the point is I no longer have posession of this hat and it brings me deep sorrow and distress to have to write this. That hat had a prolific meaning to me. I found it in the $9.99 section in a clearance section a TJ Maxx and I really really liked it. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give it back if you have it :-) If you can return it, I'll reward you with hugs, kisses, and a lifetime supply of peanut butter. I wish I had a picture of the hat to show all of you, but all I can really say is that its black and white with crazy designs. If you have a picture of it, can you post it on our blog?

So yeah, if you have it, please return it and you don't have to worry about me being upset, it was just a spur of the moment thing and I would just like to get it back :-)

Don't be stoners and spend your 4/20 with us at UMBC with the All American Rejects

Alex W. Gaskarth

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