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How do I rip ___ to my ipod?

-Go to the Buzznet video you want, and click "embed code" right under the video. You should get a long jumbled thing. Here's the sort of hard part: you have to find the video ID number in there. It's the (usually) 6-digit number that comes right before .flv The easiest way to go about this is the copy the whole embed code, past it into a blank word document, and search for .flv (CTR+F is search)

Once you have the number that is the id code (example: 1925361.flv), you have to make the download link. The link is


except you put the ID number in. It goes at the end before .flv, as well as broken up number by number inbetween the slashes, as seen here.

Paste your new download link into the address bar, and a download window should pop up that lets you save your video. Make sure the extension is still .flv.

Now that you have the video on your computer, go to [] and convert it to mp4 format, and it's good to go on your ipod.

- []

- []
-use the link in the address bar, NOT the permalink.
-this program is for videos.
- [] , use this to rip music from the webpage.

What sites can I use to rip Audio only?
- []
- []

[b]how much space do music videos usually take up on an iPod?
-10+ music videos might should only take up 3 gigs.

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