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Fuck regrets, and let's burn this city down.

Back in late 2007, All Time Low were a band virtually unknown to UK audiences. However, after being enlisted to open for the mighty Plain Whites T's on their sold-out September tour, those boys from Maryland started the ball rolling. After receiving a massive reception, primarily due to their infectious pop punk melodies and intense live show - along with a reputation for everything fun and inappropriate - they've returned to our shores, just a short seven months later. But now, they're here to conquer the UK, alongside the fantastic Cobra Starship.

As I walk into the venue, the first thing I witness is Jack Barakat and Alex Gaskarth, guitarist and frontman, respectively, dancing to techno music in the middle of the empty Portsmouth venue. This band may have had sell out tours, covers of magazines and thousands of dedicated fans by their side, but it seems they're still grounded, and are just simply on this ride to have a hell of a time with their best friends.

OS: So! This is your second time in the UK, How is it different this time round that you're headlining?

Alex Gaskarth [Vocals/ Guitar]: More kids! Better reception, its fun to headline because you just get everything you want!

OS: Your first gig over here in the UK this time round was the Give It A Name Festival at Earl's Court, how was it getting such an immense reaction from a crowd of that size?

Alex: It was amazing, so much fun. We had a blast.

OS: This time round however, you're co-headlining with Cobra Starship. Had you toured with them in the US or is this a new thing?

Alex: We toured with them in the US briefly last year when they were touring with their first record, so this is the second time we've toured with them. We're good friends with them so it's been really cool!

OS: You're also well renowned for doing pranks… anything happened so far on this tour?

Alex: Not so much! Not so much. We haven't done anything crazy on this tour - yet! I don't know what we might do, I haven't thought about it. Maybe steal all of Gabe's underwear?

OS: Last time you graced the stage here at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms, the band got the audience to shout 'Herpes'. When you say these… interesting things onstage, are they something that you dare each other to do? Or is it a more in the moment thing?

Alex: So spontaneous! We just get onstage and lose all of our inhibitions…. Well, not that we have many anyway! What's left of them disappear completely.

OS: Also on this tour you did a surprise set supporting "The Movielife" at Kingston peel, what was that like?

Alex: Amazing! Really good crowd. The crowd was more… slightly old school fans? But it was still, it was fun, they received it really well.

OS: Talking of old school bands, what's it like playing Midtown songs with Gabe?

Alex: Awesome! Because we were all fans of that band way back when so it's very cool to be able to play them.

OS: Didn't you support Midtown once?

Alex: Yeah, we played one show with them when we were just kids, starting out. Midtown played at a venue in our town and we got to open. It's cool now like, sharing a stage with him.

OS: Who thought of the idea of playing the songs?

Alex: Well, since it's a co-headliner it would be only fair if the encore involved them so I asked Gabe if he wanted to do a Midtown song and he was down with that so it just worked out.

OS: So how did you decide who was going to headline?

Alex: We've been here before, and they haven't so it just kind of made sense for us to close every night.

OS: You're over here touring the album "So Wrong, It's Right" and Matt Squire (Panic! At The Disco, Boys Like Girls) produced the record, but more recently you've been working with Mark Hoppus (from Blink 182, +44 fame)?

Alex: Not as a producer, I just wrote one song with him just to explore new things and stuff, it was just amazing. It was insane, to sit down with your hero. It's possibly the coolest thing I could do in a long time.

OS: On that album, Juliet Simms from Automatic Loveletter sung on the track "Remembering Sunday" but who would be your dream person to guest on an All Time Low track?

Alex: Right now? Rihanna. I wanna do a collaboration with Rihanna. Just because she's awesome. She has a really good voice, really unique voice. So I think it would be awesome to work with her.

OS: You've also lent your vocals to other artists' tracks, but is there anyone that you personally would want to guest on their album?

Alex: Oh wow, um… I don't know? I've never really thought about that. It would be really cool to sing, to do something with… I don't know? I don't really know! I guess you don't really think about that? I mean, if someone asks you, it's always an honour.

OS: Now that you're over in the UK, have you been able to check out any bands in the current UK music scene?

Alex: Yes, there's a band called Fairfield? We've hung out with them a couple of times and they're really, really good. In the current music scene overall, my favourite bands in general, well, there's a couple of new bands coming out like The Maine, they're really awesome. There For Tomorrow, Anarbor, and also band called The Friday Night Boys.

OS: Are there any established bands that you would love to tour with?

Alex: Yeah, Jimmy Eat World - they would be phenomenal. To play with them, it's like my dream.

OS: Is it a bit strange how big Paramore have gotten? Because they came on the scene at a pretty similar time to you and they're now touring with Jimmy in the states.

Alex: Yeah, for sure. It's so crazy, but it's great you know, they've done well.

OS: You're originally from the UK aren't you?

Alex: I am, yes!

OS: So is it nice to be recognised over here?

Alex: Yeah, it's really cool to have that fact out in the open and people actually kind of like latch onto it and be like "oh! He's from where I live". It's kind of cool like its neat coming over here because this is where my whole family are from. I think I've lost my accent though.

OS: Yeah you moved over you America when you were 7?

Alex: Yeah, my accent comes out when I'm with family, like if I'm staying with them. My whole family lives over here except for my parents.

OS: So on this tour have you been able to catch up with relatives?

Alex: Yeah! I think my second cousin or something who hasn't talked to me in a really, really long time lives in this area and she's coming down to the show.

OS: It must be nice to have family members in the audience in a foreign country.

Alex: Yeah, it's totally awesome. It's crazy, but it's really cool. It defiantly makes it feel more like home. It's great.

OS: Any plans for the rest of the year?

Alex: Yes, tons of stuff! We're taking June off to write some more, to get a bunch of new songs. Then we're doing warped tour, in July for 30 days, not the whole thing. Then we're doing our own tour, oh, it's a headlining tour before warped tour, I forgot that. It's with "Valencia", "Hit the Lights" and "There For Tomorrow". Then after that we're taking September off to just do some more writing for our next record. Then we're doing a big fall tour. But we can't talk about it yet.

OS: So is that an exclusive?

Alex: Yes, we can't talk about it. Hah!

OS: Finally, obviously you're already achieved a lot with All Time Low, but what would be your ultimate goal?

Alex: A million records! One day. Whole world.

OS: Maybe headline Bamboozle as well?

Alex: Yeah, dude. That would be SWEET.

OS: It could happen though.

Alex: My fingers are crossed!

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