Man Whores Tour Starts Tomorrow! *Please Read Important Tour Info*

Thursday, January 10, 2008
Man Whores Tour Starts Tomorrow! *Please Read Important Tour Info

SOOOOO… I just finished packing for our first headlining run. Pretty stoked to see that a lot of the shows are selling out or close to — so psyched! I just wanted to give a quick update on a few things:

*1/13 - The show that was originally booked at the POLISH CLUB is now at THE CHANCE because of the high demand of tickets. This way, more of you can get into the show
*1/18 - We've announced this already, but we've added a second show to Tinley Park.
*1/25 - Due to high ticket demands, the show has moved into the big room at Crock Rock

We also have a few new instores. We'll be hanging, playing acoustically, signing stuff, and just chillen. We encourage all of you guys to come out and hang with us

1/17/08@ 4pm
Culture Clash
4020 Secor Rd.
Toledo, OH 43623

1/28/08 @ 4 PM
Volume CDs
2720 N Mall Dr 124
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

We also wanted to let you guys know about this little ditty we got going on called SEARCH WITH ALL TIME LOW. Instead of using google or yahoo, you can use this to search for stuff online. When you use this, you enter a chance to win sweet prizes like All Time Low swag, iPhones, Game Systems, MacBooks, and Gift Cards, just by searching with us. Here's how:

1) Swag Bucks - Every web search is an entry into a top sweepstakes giveaway, as well as a chance to earn Swag Bucks. Swag Bucks are digital dollars that you earn just for using the site. Collect as little or as much as you like, and redeem them for collectibles and amazing prizes at the All Time Low Swag Store. Visit the Swag Store right now and see our latest prizes:

2) Win with your Friends - Invite all your friends to Search with All Time Low and whenever they win a Swag Buck so will you- it's that easy! There's no better way to win top prizes quickly, so invite friends to use Search with All Time Low as their search engine right now:

3) All Time Low Internet Explorer/Firefox Toolbar - With All Time Low official Internet Explorer toolbar you can surf the web and earn Swag Bucks right from your browser. The toolbar also features quick links to All Time Low's My Space, message boards, news, merch stores and more!

IE toolbar is available at:
Firefox toolbar can be downloaded at:

Download the toolbar and make:


That's about it from us here in ATL. Make sure you guys keep checking back for dates for the Rockstar/Alt Press Tour. Gonna be SICCCCK!!!!

5:22 PM

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