Juliet Simms And Automatic Loveletter Amber Pacific And Tour

Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Juliet Simms and Automatic Loveletter, Amber Pacific, and tour!

Aight y'all,

In the words of our all-knowing producer, Matt Squire, "peep this!":
We've been tracking our new record for a couple weeks now and its finally getting to the point where the songs are actually sounding like songs, rather than just drum tracks with a one-take scratch guitar track over the top for Zack to lay down his sweet bass licks. Point being, I'm hella-stoked! At this very moment I'm sitting in the control room with our other engineer/producer, Paul Leavitt, and none other than 'Slick Fingers' Jack Barakat, listening to some tight leads that were laid down today. Once again, I'm hella-mothafuckin-stoked!
Anyway, I wanted to let you all in on a secret; our new best friend, Juliet Simms of the band Automatic Loveletter came in this weekend to do some guest vocalizations on the cd, and I will tell you that it sounds absolutely incredible. The chick's got PIPES! If you haven't already, PLEAAAASE go check the band and leave a comment on Theirspace showing some love! Squire produced their record as well, so you can rest assured that its fucking great!

Automatic Loveletter

p.s. Our boys in the band [ http://www.myspace.com/amberpacific Amber Pacific] have their upcoming LP Truth In Sincerity up for stream on their myspace. Their upcoming record comes out MAY 22nd and we ask that all of you do yourselves a favor and pick up a copy because its some of the catchiest pop punk we've heard in a while.

p.p.s. Our acoustic tour is set and we're psyched to be doing it! We'll be out with The Morning Light (who is on tour now! go see them if you can!) Make sure you guys pick up yout tickets before they're all gone!

6/7 - Vienna, VA - Tickets
6/9 - Pittsburgh, PA - Tickets
6/10 - Altoona, PA - NO PRESALES! Get em at the show
6/13 - Philadelphia, PA - Tickets - ??
6/14 - South Hackensack, NJ - Tickets
6/15 - Wilton, CT - Tickets
6/16 - Levittown, NY - Tickets

Peace n' love,

10:26 AM

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