Last Month Of Being A Teenager

Monday, May 19, 2008
I Never Want To Grow Up: Last Month of Being a Teenager

So…in less than a month I am going to be 20.

Most people would be stoked to be this close to 21…but to be honest I am pretty bummed. Ive been a teenager for 7 years and i have grown pretty fond of it. I feel like you can get away with so much more when your a teen. I know deep inside that being older won't make me any more mature…because I will always be an immature little kid in the inside. I am not sure whether its from watching peter pan too many times, watching too many cartoons or listening to Blink 182 consecutively. What I do know is, I never plan on growing up inside. I may act mature in public (sometimes) and pull many serious faces when in a meeting, but the scene in Billy Madison when Chris Farley takes his shirt off will be running through my head the entire time. Even though I have a fun, but serious job, playing music on the road…The first thing I do when I get home is jump on my Blue Diamondback BMX and ride around my neighborhood with my neighbors. Because I believe no matter how old you are, nothing/nobody can take your childhood away from you! But don't get me wrong…when situations call for it, I will be mature and smart in my decisions. I would never let my puerile behavior affect my friends and loved ones in a negative way. And Who knows…maybe 10 years from now I'll be sitting in a cubicle working an important desk job reading this going "Wow, I used to be a really fun and happy go lucky guy, I wonder what happened?" But chances are, I wouldn't be hired for an important desk job with only a high school diploma Haha.

In Short: When serious situations occur, I can hold my own…but when all is gravy…I am gonna live it up.

After all of this i am just saying I am going to miss being a teenager, these have been the best few years of my life and I have done so many great things that I never imagined would ever truly happen. And for that I would not change a thing. If 7 years ago, Jack of the future came up to me and told me what my teenage years were going to play out like, I would have kicked him in the balls in disbelief and said "Fuck you skunk boy!" I suppose only one person knows what the future holds for me…

…Matt Damon.

*Note to self for when I read this in 10 years, I am sitting in my hotel room in London England…While on tour with Cobra Starship. Room 226

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