Human Nature

Friday, June 20, 2008
Human Nature

How many livejournal secret's pages does it take to make a lead singer blow his own brains out?
Too many. Which is why I'm able to type this now, and haven't painted my walls red with my own brain matter yet.


Although it does pose a really interesting question; Why, oh WHY do the fans of a band - the very same kids who go to the shows and stay outside, late into the night, hoping to talk to their favorite performers, cut them down behind the anonymity of the web? I'd like some feedback. See, I've learned lately that its more important to keep those close to you impressed by your character, than to worry about what people who know little about you think. Sometimes the spotlight consumes me, and I lose myself to insecurities stirred by criticism from unknown places, but for now, I've come to terms with who I am, what I have, and where my cookies crumble.

Back to the matter at hand:

Why does everyone think that I'm an alcoholic, child-molester? And why is there such a widely supported belief that Zack is a huge pot-head? The reality of it is that we are none of those things, and all of them at the same time. What I mean by that is, we've all made our mistakes, and had our share of experiences, but the degree to which some people seem to believe it is absurd. I assure you that beyond the video antics we post online, and the things we say on stage, we are all stable individuals, and prefer Grand Theft Auto to Bitches and Booze.

What really touches a nerve is when I see pictures of my good friends posted on the web, with a caption above or around it saying something completely vile and most definitely untrue. The hate has to stop, wherever it stems from. This is a community built off of our music, and a desire to have fun and make friends - lets quit cutting each-other down. Human nature makes it easy to bicker like children, but the human heart makes it possible to squelch the noise our head creates.

Lets be friends.
Let me know your thoughts.

I love you all.

1:14 PM

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