Houston We Are So Sorry

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
Houston, we are so sorry!

Dear People of Houston,

The subject says it all.

As you know, the warped tour date scheduled for Sunday was postponed until Monday due to inclement weather, and although we were listed to be playing at 11:15 on the Hurley.com stage, we were a no-show. Let me assure you that this was a big misunderstanding, and also a situation that was completely out of our hands.

The deal is this; prior to the rescheduling, we were counting on having the two days off to drive up to Tennessee for some much needed bus maintenence.
Basically it came down to a really unfortunate, but necessary decision having to be made. We wanted nothing more than to play, but it was beyond our control, and in order to have the bus running safely, we had to get up to TN (where the company is based) to have it fixed. We rolled out Monday morning, before the show even began.
As for us being listed on the schedule, all I can say is that the blame cannot on anyone. Everyone on the Warped production team is extremely busy throughout the day, and we were just another cancellation that they had to deal with, as well as relay to stage managers, ect. What I'm saying is that somewhere along the line, from our management to theirs, words got mixed up and our name was thrown up on the day sheet. It was misleading, but a completely understandable mix-up considering the circumstances. Warped Tour holds their shit down, and we love them, so you should too! :)

In all the confusion, we were late letting you know that we wouldn't be playing, but please understand that its not always easy finding an internet connection on the road.

Once again, we're truely, truely sorry for letting anyone who planned to see us in Houston down, and we WILL be back out there in the fall, we PROMISE.

Thank you for your continued support.

Much love,

The Boys

1:11 AM

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