Happy New Year from ATL!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008
Happy New Year from ATL!

hi guys,
We wanted to take a minute out of our day and wish everyone a happy new year and say thank you for making 2007 probably the best year of our lives thus far. We thought last year was great, but this year was beyond what any of us ever expected it to be. 2007 saw us do Bamboozle for the first time, our first full Warped Tour, our first BIG club tour with Boys Like Girls. We went over seas with the Plain White T's and played a sold out show every single night we were there. We also put out our first full length record that hit stores and we were completely blown away with the response that we've been receiving. Its hard to think that we just graduated in 2006, jumped in the van and never looked back. We owe it all to you guys for being so amazing because we wouldn't be able to do anything if our fans didn't support us, so thank you!

2008 is already shaping up to be a great year. We've got some big things being planned that we can't divulge what they are. Unfortunately due to scheduling problems, we are no longer taking part on the tour with Yellowcard, which we are very bummed out about. Instead, we will be doing a tour which I'm sure you guys will all hear and read about it soon. We can't tell who its going to be with, but all we can say is that were super stoked and know you guys will be too!

We also have our first headlining run coming up in January. We can't stress to you guys enough that you all need to get your tickets soon because a lot of the shows are close to selling out, so make sure you all get on it! Also, due to the high amount of demand from all you crazy kids, the good people at Mojoes Rock House in Chicago have decided to add a SECOND show that same day at 4 PM, but we will be performing acoustically, just to shake things up a bit. Tickets aren't on sale yet but they will become available shortly. Also, if you have tickets to the later show, you have to pick up new tickets for the early show because they are two separate shows. Hope we still haven't lost you!!

But once again, thanks again for making 2007 so memorable and lets make 2008 even bigger!

Love always,
Alex and the boys

7:50 PM

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