Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hey guys,
We just wanted to let everyone know about the happenings going on around town with our homeboys.

Our new friends from over the summer, Mayday Parade, have a brand new music video which you can check out by clicking HERE! Its pretty friggen sweet so do yourself a favor and check that shizz out

Our homies in The Bigger Lights just posted a new song on their myspace called "The Chemicals Of You", its a hot jam so take a listen and add them, tell em that ATL sent ya ;-)

Make sure you guys also check our Buzznet profile for some sweet video updates and stuff. Even MARK HOPPUS has been checking it out… how about them apples ;-)

We also had an interview posted over at Collegenews.com, so if you're bored, scope that out!

Make sure you guys keep voting and commenting us on the Mountain Dew Circuit Break out Contest!


3:33 PM

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