Fast Times At Barakat High

Thursday, December 07, 2006
Fast Times at Barakat High!
Current mood: anxious

Someone…special friend…said something to me this evening and it gots me little brain-oid thinking. Let me begin with the beginning, she started off by saying how she wish she could turn time forward *2 and half years to be exact*…i quickly disagreed and her response was "This is going to be the most exciting 2 and a half years of your life." For some reason, that sentence has been stuck in my head for the past hour. What if these years really are going to be the 'most exciting 2 and half years of my life'…I mean I hope its more time than that but I have to use what context I have. I wonder who were going to end up touring with next year…I wonder if we really have the ability to right the next "Take This To Your Grave" or "Say It Like You Mean It"…I wonder if our record will do well…I wonder if I will be able to stop finding a job at the local ice cream shop each time I get home from tour..I wonder if we will let people down, not just fans but everyone who is part of ..our team….worse of all I wonder if we will let ourselves down..I wonder if these next few phases of my life will really be 'the most exciting'. I hope they are..either way…I..m Stoked!

I feel like I need to start appreciating my friends more..what..s a sweet lifestyle full of touring and having fun, when you don..t have your friends to enjoy and converse about it with. For this reason I have been spending time with those closest to me to make up for the lonely nights on the road where I laid in the van on my sidekick wondering what my friends were doing in their dorms, rooms, homes, classrooms, back of Michaels in the framing section..(I am going to miss stealing couches on Saturday nights in college park)..One of my biggest fears is loosing all of my close friends through distance and time. I have also spent this time at home ..bettering.. myself..I started guitar and vocal lessons with the amazing Dan Book of Voo Doo Blue, I have been drinking 2 large glasses of milk a day, I have cut my intake of Soda-pop in half, I have been practicing guitar like nuts, and I take a Centrum vitamin everyday J I hope making a habit of these activities will make it easier for me to do them everyday on tour..anyway back to the question about the next few years of my life. What happens if the years come as easy as we want them to..? ..What happens if they don..t? Both paths kind of scare me.. I..m not sure if I will be able to handle either out-comes but I guess only time can tell.

I have so much more to talk about it but I cant get it out of my head right now…it be so much easier with a magical wand like HP..s..hes mah.. boi

Ps. My blogs may not be poetic, lyrical or grammatically possible but there easy to understand for all J


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