Dwayne Mcgurten

Cameraman: What are you doing, Dwayne?

Dwayne: The fuck you lookin’ at? Get that camera up outta my face. You crazy? Shit. We’re goin’ for a walk.

Cameraman: What are you doing?

Dwayne: Hey, how ya doin’, alright? Good. Just checking. I check, I ask people. [spits]
We were in some mall today, there was a Nascar store there, real nice one too, lotta stuff, lotta memorabilia, back in the good old days of Nascar, not that pussy shit they have now, real nice, like real racers.
There’s a pond down here. Got money in it… there’s frickin’ money in here! Get the bucket, man, ,we could be rich by the end of the night! Shit, c’mon, c’mon gotta get that bucket! Man! That’s free money, brah. You understand this? A hundred of these makes a dollar! -oh god- You know what a dollar makes? Another beer! … Almost. Maybe, like two hundred of these or like two hundred and ten. Something like that. *coughs, aka hacks up a lung* Which room are we in again? Oh ice, they got ice here? I ain’t seen ice since I was in Alaska! Free ice AND free money! They got a pond full of money down there. Do you believe that? You get a hundred of these, that’s a dollar. Yeah, I went a-fishing for it, man. Ya, ya you gotta sacrifice something for that. Money don’t come easy, it don’t grow on trees, but it DOES hang out in lakes. Hey, but that’s cool with me though, shit.

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