Day 1 Stone Pony

Day 1- Stone Pony
12/24/07 | by harfordsound

Last night was my first official show with All Time Low, at the Stone Pony in New Jersey. It was a pretty awesome show to start with, and everything went very smoothly. 900 kids packed in to a small club, screaming their hearts out.

Everything sounded great, and I was very pleased with the show. House rig totally pwn’d and I really liked the APB FOH board.

After the show I crashed in NJ with Jason D. He’s a cool dude and the house guy at Stone Pony. Cool and friendly guy.

Here’s the only in focus pic I got during the night:

And heres a video clip rocking out:

[note: no video is shown on the original blog]

Rams Head Live on Thursday:
-1700 cap: SOLD OUT!
-Vertec VT4888/SB1000 house rig
-Midas Legend 3k out front


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