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Elizabeth: what’s up everybody, I’m Elizabeth with the daily chorus dot com, and right now we’re chilling with the guys from All Time Low

Zack: I’m Zack and I play bass

Alex: what’s up, I’m Alex, I play guitar. And I sing, as well.

Jack: I’m Jack and I play guitar

Rian: I’m Rian and I play drums.

Elizabeth: alright, so we know that you guys are called all time low, but apparently you guys are nowhere near an all time low. How did you guys come up with the name?

Rian: New Found Glory is how we got our name. there’s a song in which they say “and it feels like I’m at an all time low” and they were a big, uh, they were a big influence in our music, still are, so that’s the real story

Elizabeth: speaking of influences, you guys are freshly out of high school, I believe, right, graduated 2006? So, uh, what other influences helped you, uh, play with your music and all? What kind of bands did you listen to throughout high school?

Alex: Blink-182 I think got us into music, um, as a whole.I- Before that, I listened to um Madonna, and the Backstreet Boys and I had no idea what music was, really, um, outside of whatever was on the radio.

Elizabeth: so how is it different from when you first started? How long ago did you guys start, as a band?

Alex: we, uh, we started as a local band and we kind of were terrible, and um, we recorded some songs in like Rian’s bedroom with some really crappy equipment, and

Jack: it was the cover of uh, the friends theme song

Alex: I think that was the first song we ever did, actually, rather than writing our own, we went for television entertainment theme songs. Um, but, as I was saying, we uh, we started out freshman year, um, started developing our sound a little bit, playing local shows, talent shows, people’s parties, whatever. Um, and eventually people just kind of, like, enjoyed it. And uh, obviously we enjoyed doing it, so we continued to kind of build up a name for ourselves locally and then, when we could, when we could drive, um, even before we could drive, we were trying to get out on the road and tour to like local states and whatnot.

Elizabeth: did you guys ever think that you would start touring, with like, vans warped tour, and how big you guys’ve gotten over the past years?

Jack: we’ve been trying to get on warped tour for like 3 years now, ever since we were a band. And we just, we tried so hard, and we could never do it. We couldn’t even sneak in.

Rian: it’s pretty cool ‘cause I think two years ago we played uh, yeah we would sneak in just to like, sell our cds and whatnot, and pretend we were other bands and signed things. He did that * points to alex* then last year we got to play uh, what, like 8 days of warped tour, and it’s just really cool the way it’s progressed. This year we get to do every single day, which is unbelievable.

Elizabeth: so now that you guys are constantly touring now, what is the best thing about touring and what is the worst thing about touring?

Zack: well, it’s all different for everyone, because, see, I work out and I do things that they would never really do. Like they eat the worst food possible for them, so I like to work out. The worst thing is probably, probably a good long drive where you don’t get to shower for… 2 days, maybe, like you got a 25 hour van ride across the country. Really really blows.

Alex: I think my favorite thing about tour is probably coming to Arizona and seeing Tim Towner.

Jack: I think my favorite part about tour…

Rian: it’s for the kids. Just seeing the kids every night, just smiling and singing, it’s the best feeling in the world. Unbelievable.

Alex: true words of wisdom.

Elizabeth: what is one key advice that you would want to give to those struggling bands out there. I mean, they’re trying to get noticed and everything, and now that you guys got a feel for it, what is the one thing that you could give so these guys can know what they can do to get noticed?

Jack: we talked to every single band, fan, promoter, wendy’s employee we ever met. And so, yeah. One- The best thing you can do is just meet as many people and make really good relationships with everyone.

Rian: also, you have to be so persistent, just keep trying. Like, people say like, we’re so lucky we got signed straight out of high school, but we had been doing it for 4 years prior to that. It’s not as if we, you know, became a band, uh, senior year in high school and got signed straight out of that. It’s like, you’re gonna play some of the crappiest shows in the world, the crappiest tours, but you know, everything, everything helps in the end. And I think that’s the most important thing. It’s for the kids.

Jack: thanks Rian Dawson.

Elizabeth: now that you guys are talking about being signed, currently you guys are signed with hopeless records, which is an independent label. Um, how do think they’ve helped you develop into a better band?

Alex: basically by giving us the opportunity to kind of expand into a much larger market. Um, when you’re unsigned, you’re obviously uh, kind of constrained, um, by a lack of funds, um, a lack of kind of following, just strictly within the label. Um, ‘cause obviously every label has it’s bands and, you know, as soon as you sign to a label, the people that listen to those bands are going to jump to this band to check ‘em out. So yeah, it’s , it just opens a ton of doors that you wouldn’t usually have.

Elizabeth: talking about sales, um, you guys are close to coming up over 35,000 in sales in your ep with put up or shut up. Um, how does that make you feel, and what are your goals for your next album?

Alex: I’m excited about it, to say the least. I think none of us really expected, our, you know our first release, especially an ep to do anywhere near what it’s done. It’s probably gonna be that, you know, the standard kind of 12 song, um, pop-punk album that anyone would hopefully expect from us at this point. Um, I think we’re kind of… trying a few new things, um, but at the same time we went into the record like not wanting to do what a lot of bands these days are doing, and that is like, we’re not trying to prove anything. But I think, with the full length, like I said, we’re going for uh, just a really good, catchy, upbeat pop-punk record, and hopefully that’s what we’re going to produce. So, we’ll see how it goes. I’m not giving any names yet, though.

Elizabeth: well as you know, the daily chorus.com is a music site that helps with music news and um, puts out the 30 unsigned bands out there. Um, recently, absolute punk listed tim’s 30 unsigned bands and our visitors have skyrocketed to the site. How do you think ap.net plays an important part in the music scene and upcoming bands like yourselves?

Rian: every ten minutes jack’s refreshing his sidekick, or whatever, and it’s just, it’s THE best site, and one of the few sites out there that give, you know, all the bands and the band’s fans or whatever’s news on our scene. And it’s, they’ve done a really good job so far. I believe so at least. What do you think, Jack?

Jack: I couldn’t agree more, Rian.

Alex: we started getting kind of attention from absolute punk.net while we were still unsigned, and I know for a fact um, that, you know, that helped out a great deal just because it gives anybody interested a means to look at an unsigned band and kind of see what people are talking about in regards to the band, and uh, just the overall like, thought of, you know, where that band is going. And, it- it, you know, it definitely gives a band kinda a little lit of leverage to reach out and touch the stars. I love you.

Elizabeth: what are some of the unsigned bands that you guys listen to?

Zack: start with the, uh, morning light, here.

Jack: I’ll do a band called holiday parade. They’re a great, uh, pop band, I would say, pop-punk band from Atlanta, Georgia. Our good friend rohan is in the band, he actually posts for absolute punk, so

Alex: he’s middle-eastern.

Jack: no, but um, they’re a really good band and they just recorded with zack and ken, the guys who mixed our cd and it sounds aMAzing! Phenomenal.

Rian: and then the last band I think that we’re all going to agree on is from our home state of Maryland, yeah, the dangerous summer, they recently were, they actually got- well, wait, no uh, nevermind. Uh yeah, the dangerous summer is from our home state and they’re just incredible.

Elizabeth: so what’s one thing that a normal person like me, or a little girl, out in the front row, would look at you and not know about you, just by looking at you?

Zack: I’m pretty quiet, so when you people im me or you call me on the phone, I usually won’t answer. So, I’m sorry, I can’t meet your needs. But if you want to come up and talk to me in real life, I would be very appreciative. Thank you.

Alex: I am from the uk, I was born there and moved here when I was 7. so, yeah. Now you know.

Jack: two things you may not know about me- uh, I’m really bad at English, and I play pokemon every day.

Alex: oh, oh also- he doesn’t actually know how to play guitar.

Rian: I think the thing that most people don’t know about me is that, uh, I’m in the band, all time low. So, I am Rian, I’m the drummer, we do HAVE a drummer. I’m not a tech, so, that’s me.

Alex: STOP ASKING HIM TO TAKE PICTURES OF ME AND YOU! He’s in the band! Let him be in the picture!

Elizabeth: you guys are our first interview for the daily chorus.com and you guys are our first featured band! How do you guys feel about that?

Zack: I’m sorry that we had to ruin your first interview.

Alex: I’m stoked that we got to be a part of this, especially in its, you know, in its birth. We’re kind of the placenta.

Rian: oh, in all honesty, though, thanks so much to this website, and tim towner, ‘cause he’s been nothing but an amazing guy to us, and always helped us out, so, so that’s what he’s meaning to say

Jack: and he treated me to __burger once. What?

Rian: us being the placenta is the equivalent to us thanking tim towner, and everything he stands for.

Jack: I love you, Tim.

Elizabeth: well, thanks again, this is the guys from all time low, and if you guys wanna check them out, you can check them out on myspace, or you can go to the daily chorus.com which is your daily source for new music.

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