Countdown To Ap Tour

Countdown to AP Tour
02/27/08 | by harfordsound

I sit here, at 1am slowly counting down the days until things kick off with All Time Low. Ive got a long “to do” list before I head off. Some things are good to go, while other things need a lot of work. The last few pieces for my carry rack arrived yesterday. Im still waiting on my BSS DPR404 to show up though. Once thats here, Ill be ready to roll.

Next up is to build All Time Low’s IEM system. This will be their first tour with the whole band on ears, and it will be interesting to see how everything goes. They are used to a lot of crowd interaction, so Im going to have to throw up some ambiance mics so they can hear everyone still. The whole system is pretty sweet. We went with a Crest XRM mixer, Sennheiser IEM300G2 receivers, Calzone case, and custom Whirlwind snakes. Ill be putting it all together next friday and hoping everything works…

Ill post some pictures of everything as it all gets done.

More to come…

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