College News On November 12th 2007

All Time Low
Adam Seidel

One- thousand crazed teens impatiently waited outside the House of Blues Chicago, the buzz of their conversations created a hum that could be heard for blocks. Looking into their wide eyes, it was clear they were all here for the same reason: to feast on musicians’ blood, $14 a pop. Part of the pop punk delicacy was Baltimore’s All Time Low.

Exiting the House of Blues November 11, my ears ringing, one thought was burned into my head; pop - punk rock is not a trendy sound that will taper off when a newer one arrives. For America’s young budding generation of soon – to – be college students, it is a desperately desired commodity. For this reason, All Time Low’s future is looking bright.

Four years ago Jack Barakat (guitars), Alex Gaskarth (vocals, guitars), Zack Merrick (bass) and Rian Dawson (drums) were high schoolers with a talent and a dream. Now they are recognized rockers that are putting Baltimore on the music map. “Since age fifteen we’ve all known what we want, and this is it.”

When most kids graduate high school, they get a summer job and prepare for college. When All Time Low graduated high school, they hopped on a tour bus and headed for Warped Tour.

The rapid success was “kinda ridiculous”, but it wasn’t the result of dumb luck. “Of course there is the whole right place right time thing,” explains Gaskarth. “We are a really competitive band. We always try to better everyone else. That is what pushes us past a lot of bands. We also have a solid group of managers. We’ve got two guys that have been with us since the beginning (Keith Lazorchak and Nano Tissera) that help us with day – to - day stuff. Then we have our heavy hitter Chris Allen (All American Rejects and Plain White T’s). He is a factor in taking us to the next level.”

Now with the launch of their second album, So Wrong It’s Right, All Time Low’s momentum is gaining speed. Their first release Put Up or Shut Up from 2006 sold over 60,000 copies. So Wrong It’s Right, which has been on shelves for two months, has already reached the halfway point to equaling the sales of their first release. “We’re definitely growing,” says Gaskarth.

Pop rock is no longer a garbage intangible. In the pre-college market, it is recognized as an art form – something that takes skill to create. “Although the sound is simple and circular,” points out Alex, “it’s not the easiest thing to make. Creating a sound people will buy is a really difficult thing to do.”

All Time Low is spending their 2007 fall on a tour bus hitting the biggest clubs in the biggest cities, stealing teenage girls’ hearts at every show they play. Filling as the under card for fellow pop punk Boys Like Girls, All Time Low now storms the stage in front jam packed audiences swarming with anticipation and desire. “What a rush,” says Gaskarth.

Following this tour the Baltimore rockers are planning on a month - long battery recharge in their native Maryland. “Then it’s off to Australia for a music festival, followed by a music video shoot,” explains Alex. “I think our fans are going to love the video. The concept is really energetic, and the song we are going to do is…”

Check out All Time Low and So Wrong It's Right at their MySpace.

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