Christmas In March

Christmas in March…?
03/05/08 | by harfordsound

The man in brown dropped off a whole bunch of toys for me today.


Look at all those boxes, what could possibly be inside?


Ah, look at all the new toys. 5 stereo mixes on Sennheiser EWI300G2’s, 1 wireless receiver, and 2 combiners.

Oh, and a mixer too:

And… A snake!


Yup, all part of All Time Low’s new in ear monitor system. Ive got the fun and exciting task of programming everything and making it all work. I spent a good part of the day doing just that. We’re still waiting on the rack for it all to go in though. Thats fun for friday(can we cut it any closer?!)

But, the good news is, my carry rack is all done!


Everything is finally coming together… Only a few more days before we roll out!

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