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The Boys

note that much of this information can be found on the trivia page

When are the boys' birthdays?

What size shirts do the boys wear?

How do I meet the boys?"

-If they're not at the merch table, they're around somewhere. Just keep an eye out. They'll most likely stop and talk. If they're in the middle of something, they'll excuse themselves politely and make a deal to meet up later.

What do the boys like to receive as gifts?

-There is a list on their myspace, but anything that you'd think that they enjoy, or that comes from the heart would work. And be creative, that's always a plus. But the boys appreciate everything that they receive.
-Also, check out the 'Gift Ideas for the Boys!' thread.
-Oh, and no more Milanos. We've heard about cases of allergies ;]

What does Andy want for his gifts?

this is all from Andy himself
- The Simpsons 'Mania Series' Qee Figures by Toy2R. They can be found on eBay by searching for 'Simpson Qee'. Some are $5-$10 and there is a list on his myspace of which ones he has and doesn't have.
-Gift cards from Apple, Best Buy, iTunes, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Jimmy John's and Tim Horton's.
-Sour Patch Kids, Swedish Fish, XXX flavored Vitamin Water, Orangina
-I will probably eat anything that you make. (Don't get mad at me if I have to save it for later!)
-Sizes: I wear size MEDIUM in shirts and hoodies, I sometimes wear SMALL but only sometimes! My sneaker size is 12, and I wear size 11 slip ons. My fitted hat size is 7 & 3/4. AND I love Nike Dunks.
-DVD Box Sets: I like Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Sealab 2021. I love Chappelle's Show and the Jackass box set.

Are any of the boys vegetarians?


What kind of gear do the boys use?

Name Title/Position Equipment
Alex Lead Vocalist
acoustic guitar: Takamine Takamini, limited edition
electric guitars: Gibson SG-X's
in summer edition colors
uses Mesa Boogie 4x12 Straight Rectifier Cab with a Mesa Stiletto Head
Jack Rhythm Guitarist, Vocalist plays a Gibson SG's, and uses a Mesa Boogie 4x12 Standard Rectifier Straight Cab - with a Dual Rectifier Solo Head and has back up Dual Rectifier
Rian Drummer plays SJC Custom drum kits, Zildjian Cymbals, and Remo heads
Zack Bassist, Vocalist plays Fender American Jazz Basses and uses Aguilar DB 750 and GS 810 amps

How long have Matt and Vinny been with All Time Low?

-Vinny's only been with them since Warped where ATL and Glamour Kills shared a bus, but he knew them before through Glamour Kills.
-Matt has been with the boys since the summer of 2006 at the least.

Is it true that Matt was in another band before he started to Tour Manage for ATL?

-Yes, it's true!
-Matt sang in a band called 'Underscore' and their songs can be found in the 'Share your pictures & Videos!' thread.

How did Alex Grieco and All Time Low meet?

-He went to school with Jack, Alex and Rian, but was a grade below them.

What ethnicity is Jack?

-Jack is Lebanese, and it has been said that he is Greek Orthodox.

Does Jack really have a lisp, or is it just in some videos?

-We don't think that he really has a lisp, it's just a Jack trying-to-be-funny thing.

How do you pronounce Jack's last name?"


Does anyone know if the boys' screen names block people that aren't on their buddy list?

-The boys all have private buddy lists.


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