Band Blog 4

Jack: I’m making posters so I can walk the line and that’s what I’m doing, Matt Flyzik.

Alex: Hi.

Matt: morning

Rian: I’ve got the sweat, and a 9:45 wake up and

Matt: 11 o’clock wake up… no wait, doesn’t work.

Rian: 11:20

Alex: I’m not getting up.

[cut to the food line]

Jack: hi Matt. Every day we have to wait in the catering line for like 2 hours.

[cut back to the bus]

Greg: alright, alright no

Jack: who doesn’t like meat?

Matt: I mean, they do like it, they don’t eat grain

Jack: I got a burger and a hot dog and mozzarella sticks

Greg: no one cares

Jack: cold snicker bar!

Greg: no one cares

Jack: chicken tortilla soup!

Grieco?: It was cold until it reached the bus. By that time it was…

Greg: alright- this is where you wanna be right now. I got some bacon, I got some hot dogs, and I got some sauerkraut.

Rian: Some bacon? Look at his plate

Greg: I got some bacon, I put bacon on my bacon, and I put some bacon in m chili. I got some bacon. And a bag of chips, and a snickers.

Matt: what’d you get? Can’t eat without talking.

Alex: a burger!

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