Band Blog 3

Rian: yes, so what?

Alex: we’re out of water, no flushing the toilet, get off of the bus and go somewhere else

Rian: yeah, who wrote that message in the note?

Matt: I did

Rian: ‘cause it was funny!

Alex: no flushing the toilets, get out of the bus and go on a port a potty

Rian: do you like, do you like his rubber band around his head?

Matt: mmhmm

Rian: I asked him last night if he was going to wear it tomorrow ‘cause he was wearing it . He said no, why would I do that? and, right as rain…

Alex: there’s no water so no flushing the toilet get off of the bus

[cut to before going onstage]

Jack: Matt, we can wait 4 minutes, right?

Matt: You guys can start early if you go on now

We’re going next

Rian: we’re doing it now-

Alex: are we doing it?

Jack: I’m going

Rian: Alex where the fuck are you going?

Alex: I’m going this side

Rian: I’m going already [screams from the crowd]

[cut back to the bus]

Rian: c’mon

Alex: no water so no flushing the toilet

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