Band Blog 2

Alex: da na da

Jack: Rahh! Rahh! [Jurassic Jack, Alex singing nonsense in the background]

Alex: we bought a Nintendo wii for the bus, it was an awesome investment, as you can see.

[cut to the boys in the back lounge, throwing balls at each other]

Alex: so retarded [lots of laughter]

[cut to outside at Warped]

Greg: how does it feel to be the singer of all time low, pop-punk band

Alex: well you know, it’s really great, being the singer in a band. There’s a whole lot of things that go hand in hand

Greg: is there a lot of girls and partying involved?

Alex: a lot of women and partying involved… uh

Greg: is there alcohol?

Alex: there’s the, uh, no, we only drink cranberry juice

Greg: cranberry juice is good

Alex: bye ladies

Jack: does anyone have a sharpie?

Alex: I got one!

Greg: who’s this guy?

Alex: that’s jack, he plays guitar in our band. He’s great at guitar, except when he plays. Then he’s terrible.

[camera switches to Alex holding it]

Rian: I’ve been out here for probably about 45 minutes, standing, and it would be like Jack

Greg: this is my laminate, it says Greg, doesn’t really look like me

Rian: it would be like jack, me, and then alex, and I haven’t signed one thing yet.

Greg: I’ve signed four things!

Rian: and this kid, for some reason, has signed through like 3 sharpies.

Jack: ‘sup ladies. [drops shorts] Wooooo!

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