Band Blog 1

Intro Music: Break Out! Break Out!

Jack: should I play in booty shorts today?

Matt: yes

Jack: you sure?

Matt: yes

Jack: OKAY! [incomprehensible noise]

Coffee Shop Soundtrack plays in the background

[shows the crowd, the line, security, very loud, shows the lineup for the day, including ATL]

Alex: uh oh.

Rian: perfect nipples.

Alex: so skinny and not good-looking, it sucks.

[live performance clip of css]

Greg: I wanna play with this!

Alex: wait, stop!

Greg: I got it! I got it, hey look! I got no sand in my face

Alex: I’m pretty sure you can’t say that.

Greg: this is my nose, this is scott’s nose, this is alex’s nose. This is MY nose. What’s the difference? Mine looks like Rudolf.

Alex: it’s your forehead that’s all. Is it, is it peeling?

Greg: Look at my nose. I know! Everything’s peeling on me. Peel something off

Alex: that’s awesome

Greg: peel a little piece of me.

Alex: I’m gonna take it home

Greg: there’s some up top

Alex: I’m gonna clone you. That’s gross…

[live concert clip]

Alex: thanks so much for watching. We’re All Time Low from Baltimore, Maryland, and it has been an absolute pleasure.

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