Bamboozle TV / Jimmy Kimmel

Monday, March 10, 2008
Bamboozle TV / Jimmy Kimmel

We know we're a little late but we're just now sitting down at a computer so if you have a problem with us posting this late, well eff you….

First off, we wanted to say thanks to all of you who watched us on Friday perform on Jimmy Kimmel. It was quite an experience and it was one of the most nerve wrecking experiences in this bands history. For those of you who forgot to set your tivos (including some of us )-: ) you can scope the video out by clicking here

We were also recently featured on Bamboozle TV where they did a special feature of "Cribs" about our van. Its aight so we hope you all will take a second to peep over there.

Also make sure you guys get your tickets to the AP TOUR — a lot of the shows have sold out and a little birdie told us a few more are going to sell out in the next couple days!

Love youz

PS — our hometown and fellow Dulaney HS pals Summer Driven just posted their entire EP on their myspace. Its worth a listen!

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