Attn Md New Shirt At Hot Topic And Wii Giveaway

Thursday, June 28, 2007
ATTN MD: New shirt at Hot Topic and Wii Giveaway!

Hey Everyone,
we have a new shirt that is going to be sold at Hot Topics in select malls in MD. We need ALL OF YOU MARYLANDERS to go and buy these because if these shirts sell well, Hot Topic will help distribute our shirts all across the country! So please visit any of these malls and pick one up:

Annapolis Mall- Annapolis, MD
Mall In Columbia- Columbia, MD
Arundell Mills Circle- Hanover, MD
White March Mall - Baltimore, MD
Towson Town Center, Towson, MD
Montgomery Mall- Bethesda, MD
Wheaton Mall- Wheaton, MD
Fancis Scott Key- Frederick, MD
Owings Mills Mall- Owings Mill, MD
Hartford Mall- Belair, MD

here is the t-shirt


Also - we have teamed up with Fuse and Total Assault to have a Warped Tour Wii Giveaway. For more info, visit for more info

And if you haven't yet, please vote for us to play an extra 10 minutes at Warped. Its gonna be a long day every day for the next 3 months, so it'd be really sweet to make everything worth while for you guys if we could jam for an extra 10 minutes. HOLLLAAA



12:30 AM

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