ATL on Jimmy Kimmel this FRIDAY!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008
ATL on Jimmy Kimmel this FRIDAY!!!

GAH! This is so awesome! We just got word that we'll be performing this Friday on Jimmy Kimmel Live! This is awesome for many reasons:

1 - This is our network TV debut on live television
2 - Will Arnett from Arrested Development and the new movie Semi-Pro is on it and we hope we can meet him :-)

We need as many of you guys to come out to this show. Tickets are free and you must be 18 years (need a valid ID). If you can make it out, order your tickets by clicking here. PLEASE PLEASE come out and support if you can so we won't be there all alone :-(

Hope you guys are getting psyched for the AP Tour. Make sure you get your tickets! The new issue graces yours truly on the cover and its snazzy. Pretty sure my mom already took it to Bed Bath and Beyond or Home Depot and is trying to make it into wallpaper or something.

Australia's been fun but we can't wait to get back! See you all soon :-)

PS — scope this beezy for a laugh

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