Ap Tour Shows 22 32

AP Tour-Shows 22-32
04/20/08 | by harfordsound

I have determined that the “door close” button on elevators does absolutely nothing. If I do nothing, it takes the door 15 seconds to close. If I press the button a few times, it takes 15 seconds for the door to close. If I press and hold the button, it takes 15 seconds for the door to close. I believe these are just there to entertain people and trick them into thinking that they are getting things done quicker. But, elevator gods beware, as I am onto your dirty little tricks!

But anyway, onto the shows!

Tue/4-08 Worcester, MA Palladium - SOLD OUT

This was by far the largest room of the whole tour. With a balcony that goes on as far as you can see and a multilevel floor, it was sure to be a pretty rocking show. The “house” PA system consisted of 8 EAW KF750’s and 5 EAW SB1000z’s per side. Im normally not a big fan of KF750’s, but these sounded fairly decent. The company that owns the boxes basically came up with all their own DSP settings to get rid of that nasty horn honk that the boxes are famous for. And they did a good job. I was able to hit around 108dBA @ FOH before they started breaking up. Sadly, because of the room size, and the crowd volume I was hovering around 108-112dBA @ FOH during ATL’s set… This was one of the loudest rooms too. The architecture in the room was pretty stunning too. This is a very old theatre, and it shows it’s age. The only downside to a room of this size and age, is that the sound sucks. Once the room filled up, it sounded great on the floor. But, upstairs was another story. There was a solid 3 second reverb upstairs that would not go away. Even with a full house, upstairs was very “live.”

But, overall it was a pretty killer show.

Crowd shot one:

Crowd shot 2:

Band shot:

Wed/4-09 Washington, DC 9:30 Club - SOLD OUT

Home sweet home. One of my personal favorite gigs. Basically everyone I knew from home came to this show. It was a great night.

Caution: Sound nerd stuff:
EAW SB1000z’s at 8 ohms a driver rock. When you can deliver a clean 2,000 watts to each driver, you get some serious bass. Combine that with 6 EAW KF850z’s(4 flown, 2 on the ground) and it makes a killer rig. Not only was it loud, but it was clean. The bass was so strong, that at FOH the hair inside of my ears was tingling. It was around 120dbC @ FOH, but only 108dBA. Now thats what Im talking about.

/sound nerd.

I think the best part of this gig was that I got to go home after it. It was so nice to spend the night with Roxanne and my family. I got to go home, see my puppies and my parents. That alone made me very happy. You also never realize how much you miss your own bed until you sleep in it for the first time in 5 weeks.


And how about a pic of someone else for a change:

Fri/4-11 New York, NY The Fillmore, Irving Plaza - SOLD OUT

Rough show for me… We werent allowed to make noise until 5pm. So, basically our day consisted of this phrase: Hurry up and wait. Our sound check ended up being rushed, and I was not happy with my mix at all. Everyone said it sounded great, but I guess Im my own worst critic.

Oh, and ATL had a friend come out and do lights for the show. He rocked.

But, for some reason, this is the only picture I have from the show:

Sat/4-12 Lancaster, PA The Chameleon - SOLD OUT

Another good show. My parents came out to this one. It was nice to spend the day with them. We went out to lunch(great pizza place), and spent some of the day together. I also got to see Roxanne again, which was quite nice. It’s always nice to have your loved ones come out and see what you do.

The actual show went pretty well. This was a smaller club and a smaller stage. The club itself was 3 stories tall. Pretty cool if you ask me. There was no where near enough PA for the place though. I was into the limiters all night trying to get loud enough.

Oh, how about a glamor shot of me for once:

Sun/4-13 Norfolk, VA NorVa

If you havent been to this venue, I highly suggest stopping by sometime. It is a dream venue for artists. Not only is there a full dressing room, but it also features 7 shower stalls, a hot tub, full sized game room, basketball court and more. The whole second floor was basically ours. I felt like I was staying in an apartment for the show.

Have a look:



Game Room:

Hot tub:

And the fun doesnt stop here… The venue itself was packed with all of my favorite gear.

Yamaha M7CL @ FOH:


L Acoustic V dosc:

Such a great combination. The only thing that bummed me out was the lack of subs. They only had 2 v dosc subs per side, and it was not enough to keep up with the mains. Everything else was great. I love how those boxes sound. And the M7 is a great touch too. Compressors and gates everywhere rock. Speaking of comps, I tried something new sine I had some many comps. I usually dont do much with the over head mics on the drums, but I decided to have some fun at this show. I went ahead and threw a comp on the overheads. I used a slow attack and a very fast release. So, basically when he is riding on the ride cymbal the comp is not affected, but when he hits the cymbals harder, the comp bring the volume back down and smooths out the overall cymbal wash. The result was less fader riding and a smoother transition from ride to crash. I may use this technique more often at future shows…


Mon/4-14 DAY OFF

Normally a day off for us consists of sitting in the bus/hotel relaxing and just taking it easy. But, today a good friend of the band hooked us up. They took us out to the Melting Pot for dinner in style:


If you’ve never been to the Melting Pot, it’s basically a fondue place where you cook everything yourself. It was actually very good.


Left overs anyone:


It was a great day for us. A free meal, and a sweet ride. As our merch guy says, “Enjoy the fruits.” We certainly did…

Tue/4-15 Charlotte, NC Tremont Music Hall - SOLD OUT

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to 1980:


To sum it up, it sounded as good as it looks.

Thu/4-17 Atlanta, GA Masquerade - TICKETS

This was a fun, hot, crappy show. I had a pile(literally) of speakers to work with. Everything was underpowered and basically needed to be burned. The rig was no where near enough for the 1100 kids that packed into the place. It was a fight all night to get a good mix and not be slamming into the limiters. To top it off, it was around 90 degrees inside. I dont know how they do it, but I was sweating my butt off just mixing.

The only upside of the day was that I got to meet 2 of my good friends. One of which taught me just about everything I know in this business.

Fri/4-18 Lake Buena Vista, FL House Of Blues - TICKETS

Another big show. Right in the heart of Disney. 2100 kids packed into this place. I have decided that house of blues just plain sound good. The PA was a bit small for the place, but it still rocked. 2 EAW KF850’s and 1 KF650 per side covered the room pretty well. Subbage was weak though. 4 of the 8 subs were blown up, so I didnt have much to work with. All in all, good show though. I just love working gigs at the House of Blues.


Sat/4-19 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Revolution - SOLD OUT

Ill tell you about this one next time….

And thats it for this time. Its hard to believe that this tour is almost over. It seems like it just started and now it’s almost over. You know what they say… Time flies when you’re having fun…

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